Morecraft: Non-Christians Should Be Slaves to Christians

Morecraft: Non-Christians Should Be Slaves to Christians June 23, 2014

Christian Reconstructionist minister Joe Morecraft of Chalcedon Presbyterian Church in Georgia gave a sermon recently bluntly saying that non-Christians should be slaves to Christians, based on a passage in Proverbs. Vyckie Garrison has the details:

Based on Proverbs 11:29, Morecraft makes a case for Biblically justified enslavement of a man who does not “trust in Christ” since slavery is the only way to “keep a fool under wraps.”

The dominionist pastor interprets the Proverb to predict that in a Christian theocracy, an unbeliever will “lose his family, his property, and his freedom,” and “his energies, talents and life will not be used as he himself pleases, but in the service of wise people who work hard to benefit the community.”

“Put him in somebody’s service where they can watch over him and make him do right even though he doesn’t want to do it.”

According to Pastor Morecraft, the consequences of being a “foolish person who is unwilling to live by the Word of God” is to “become a slave of somebody who is godly and who is wise.”

The church has now pulled the video from Youtube, though I’m not sure why. It’s not like it’s any worse than Morecraft’s other views, including advocating stoning for gay people and women who aren’t virgins on their wedding day (but not men, of course).

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