Murray Thinks Americans Are ‘Fleeing’ to Russia

Murray Thinks Americans Are ‘Fleeing’ to Russia June 26, 2014

Add William Murray to the long list of Christian right leaders licking the boots of Vladimir Putin and declaring him the savior of the Christian world. There’s so much ludicrous bullshit in his latest Worldnetdaily column that you could fertilize the Sinai with it. He even lies about his own family:

The process of the removal of prayer from America’s public schools was begun by my mother, Madalyn Murray O’Hair, in 1960.

No it wasn’t. It was started more than a year earlier by the family of Elliot Schempp. That’s why the case that did it is known as Abington Township v Schempp and not Murray v Curlett. Here’s the one thing that William Murray, a Christian evangelist, absolutely agrees with his late mother on — the need to continually pretend that they got prayer out schools when they didn’t.

Having been a part of the decline in religion and morality that has come to America, I now look at Russia where individual achievement is honored and prayer and Bible instruction are welcomed in the classrooms. Recently, the “gay” rainbow flag was hoisted at the American Embassy in Israel. At the Olympic Games at Sochi this year, it was Russia who was vilified by Western media for not being gay-friendly. A real turnaround from the 1960s for America. Meanwhile Russia has a flat tax that encourages growth, while businesses in the U.S. struggle under a tax code that has many of our wealthy denouncing their citizenship and simply living on their yachts.

Whaddaya say we check that claim against reality? Russia’s economy, far from being buoyed by a flat tax, is in terrible shape. GDP growth in Russia for 2013 was 1.3%. It’s even worse this year, though that’s largely due to the invasion of Crimea.

One thing that has changed: Westerners are seeking Russian citizenship, but not to support Marxism. This time Westerners are fleeing the godless collectivism sought by my mother, the system that is fast becoming the new American norm.

Really? Americans are fleeing to Russia? Name a few of them for us. You can’t? I didn’t think so. I wish they would. I think you and all your fellow bigots should pack your bags and go to Russia, since you think it’s such a Christian paradise now. That would make America a lot more like paradise.

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