Kinsolving Passes on False Claim

Kinsolving Passes on False Claim July 3, 2014

Les Kinsolving is a longtime reporter, right wing talk show host and is also the Worldnetdaily’s White House correspondent, where he asks the most idiotic questions ever heard (seriously, the other reporters laugh out loud whenever he’s called on). But he apparently forgot how to Google:

And that is only the beginning for those who justify same-sex marriage. Along with polygamy and polyandry, when can we expect the National Cathedral to speak out in protest of the persecution and prosecution of pedophiles – especially older men who love to satisfy their sexual longings of teenagers or even younger than that?

Wasn’t the existence of NAMBLA, the North American Man/Boy Love Association – and the invitation for these child molesters to march with their small-boy comrades in homosexual parades in both Boston and San Francisco – a justification for tolerance?

Well, if that is really tolerance – rather than carnal barbarism. What about a parade allowance for marching self-advertising necrophiliacs (those who prefer fornicating with corpses) and practitioners of bestiality (with either non-reluctant or reluctant beasts)?

I’ve seen reports that 30 alternative sexual orientations are federally protected by the so-called Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act, S. 909, and the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act, H.R. 1913.

This would include coprophilia, incest, urophilia, exhibitionism and klismaphilia.

Really, Les? You’ve “seen reports” of that, have you? You know where you didn’t see them? In the actual law, which did not define the term “sexual orientation” at all. Instead, it maintained the already existing definition found in the Hate Crimes Statistics Act, which is “consensual homosexuality or heterosexuality.” So are you lying or are you just too lazy to spend 30 seconds googling to find out if those unnamed “reports” were true?

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  • John Pieret

    So are you lying or are you just too lazy

    Never rule out the possibility of abject stupidity.

  • Mr Ed

    I believe the report in questions is entitled Fw:FW:fw:FW:FW;Fw, and was distributed solely by email.

  • anubisprime

    Lying absolutely…oh and he is lazy…with a generous side order of thick as pig shite, but twice the stink!

  • What are the qualifications for being a White House correspondent? There are only so many chairs in the White Hosue press room and every one taken up by a representative of a conspiracy mongering blog like World Nut Daily is one that could’ve gone to someone else. Surely, somewhere, there is a legitimate journalist who is more deserving of that seat.

  • Along with polygamy and polyandry

    The fool, he misses the important point: now people can marry corporations!!! I am still waiting to hear whether Exxon-Mobil is willing to tie the knot with me. Our kids will be beautiful.

  • d.c.wilson “Surely, somewhere, there is a legitimate journalist who is more deserving of that seat.”

    Sure, but legitimate journalists are too busy legitimately journalisming to waste their days being lied to in the White House by the Press Secretary.

  • vereverum

    Maybe he uses (I don’t know how to make a link) or similar as a source (some people do). The absurdity of the last paragraph reads like a National Report article.

  • Synfandel

    Same-sex marriage opponents evince an impressive conversance with the nomenclature of unusual sexual proclivities. I wonder why they’re so fascinated.

  • coragyps

    Marcus, why would Exxon-Mobil marry you? They’re already fucking you and me both!

  • Al Dente

    NAMBLA, the North American Man/Boy Love Association

    The only people who talk about NAMBLA are RWNs. The phfffft! of all knowledge says:

    Media reports from 2006 have suggested that for practical purposes the group no longer exists and that it consists only of a web site maintained by a few enthusiasts.

  • a_ray_in_dilbert_space

    Since reality has a well known liberal bias, being rethugliKKKan means never having to worry whether what you are saying is true.

  • Pierce R. Butler

    … coprophilia, incest, urophilia, exhibitionism and klismaphilia.

    I thought I was gonna find out about a brand new kink when I looked that last one up, but it ain’t nothing but an enema fetish. Damn, what a tease.