More Misogyny in the Meriam Ibrahim Case

More Misogyny in the Meriam Ibrahim Case July 7, 2014

Man, am I getting fed up with what is happening to Meriam Ibrahim. She was sentenced to death, freed by an appeals court but then not allowed to leave the country and now she’s living at the U.S. embassy. But now a lawsuit has been filed by her family of misogynists:

Despite lifting the death penalty, Sudan refuses to acknowledge Ibrahim’s new identity as a South-Sudanese Christian.

“The Khartoum Religious Court will review on Thursday morning a case asking to prove that Mariam Ibrahim belongs to her (Muslim) father and family,” said Abdel Rahman Malek, the lawyer hired by Ibrahim’s Muslim family for the case.

Mariam’s lawyer Mohaned Mostafa said Ibrahim had not yet been notified with the new case.

The case is expected to further delay Ibrahim’s plan to leave Sudan along with her two children and husband, who have all been staying at the U.S. embassy in Khartoum since Ibrahim’s release from police custody last Thursday.

She’s an adult. She doesn’t belong to her father or her family, she belongs to herself, you misogynist assholes. I’ve reached the point where I think Obama should send a special forces unit to the embassy, put her on a plane and fly her and her family to the United States. And if the Sudanese government wants to complain about it, the response should be “so try to stop us.”

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