‘Satirist’ Arrested for Threatening Violence

‘Satirist’ Arrested for Threatening Violence July 8, 2014

An Indiana “satirist” has been arrested after writing a Facebook post threatening to kill several local law enforcement officials and blow up a courthouse. The idiot-in-question also claims ties to his two fellow idiots who shot two cops and a civilian in Vegas a few weeks ago.

A 22-year-old Indiana man is facing both state and federal charges after allegedly posting a rambling message on Facebook in which he claimed ties to Las Vegas cop killers Jerad and Amanda Miller, made death threats against state judges and law enforcement officers, and warned that a local courthouse would be “blown to pieces within the month” — before claiming that it had all been written as satire.

In federal charges unsealed Monday, Samuel Bradbury, of Pine Village, Ind., was accused of using interstate communications to make threats and willfully threatening to use explosives. That’s in addition to four Class C felony intimidation charges Bradbury faces in state court. Bradbury could be sentenced to up to 15 years in prison if convicted on the federal charges alone.

According to an FBI affidavit written in support of the federal charges, Bradbury posted threats to kill West Lafayette, Ind. police officer Troy Greene, Tippecanoe County Sheriff Tracy Brown, Tippecanoe County Judge Les Meade, and Indiana Supreme Court Loretta Rush on Facebook on June 19…

“Before the month is over, we intend to incinerate and destroy no less than 6 police cars, as well as the Tippecanoe County Courthouse, with hits specifically targeted on Judge Les Meade and Judge Loretta Rush also,” he wrote. “The courthouse will be blown to pieces within the month, we have agents operating all over the city, and some all over the country.”

Police in West Lafayette got a tip about the post on June 21, and, that night, they executed a search warrant at Bradbury’s house. According to the affidavit, officers searching Bradbury’s room found three 115 gram bags of aluminum powder and three 345 gram bags of black iron oxide — both substances used to make thermite. They also found several poems written in notebooks where cop killing was a theme, portions of which were reprinted in the affidavit…

During the search, police were also able to access Facebook posts Bradbury wrote in response to people who had commented about his original rant.

“Just to let everyone know: this is complete satire and an exercise of whether or not free speech still exists in America,” he wrote. “This post uses real names, but everything else is fake.”

Satire…you keep using that word. And the bomb-making material in the house was all part of this “satire.”

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