Todd Starnes’ Convenient Concerns About Violence

Todd Starnes’ Convenient Concerns About Violence July 11, 2014

Todd Starnes is very concerned. He thinks that calling someone like, say, Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson, hateful “is going to justify violence against those kinds of people.” Funny, though, he has no concern at all about he and his fellow bigots spewing the most demonizing rhetoric about gay people.


Gee, do you recall Starnes ever expressing even a hint of worry that comparing gay people to pedophiles and murderers is going to justify violence against them? He and his bigoted comrades routinely accuse gay people of being demon-possessed, of wanting to rape your children, of literally trying to destroy God and America and even human civilization itself, of being Nazis who want to throw Christians in concentration camps. I’ve never heard a peep out of Starnes about such dehumanizing and demonizing rhetoric leading to violence against gay people. For that matter, I’ve never heard Starnes utter a single word in opposition to actual violence against gay people, which happens every day. Very convenient how he segregates his concern and limits it only to people he agrees with.

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