Austin Miles Falls for Fake News Reports

Austin Miles Falls for Fake News Reports July 14, 2014

Rev. Austin Miles isn’t very bright. In fact, he’s something of a dullard. And like most wingnuts, he’ll jump on any story that makes Obama look bad, even if it’s completely false and even if it comes from a site that does satirical stories. So he passed on this bit of bullshit:

The best 4th of July celebration of all was the one held on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol. And how good it was to see shared patriotism, something we need more of.

While America was watching this tribute to our country, Obama, according to news reports, spent his 4th of July at a Mosque and invited Muslims to be with him at the White House.

Oh yes, according to unnamed “news reports.” Actually, according to satirical website the National Report. But don’t let that stop you from passing it on as if it were true. After all, it makes Obama looks bad. That’s all that really matters, amirite? And then he does it again in the same column:

What did Joan Rivers mean when she called Obama Gay and Michelle Trans on national TV? Actually that idea has been bandied about for some time. There will no doubt be more to come. It is interesting to Google the name, Michael LaVaughn Robinson who was born in Chicago along with Michelle Obama.

The world gets nuttier every day.

The ONLY way we will come out from this slush pile of evil pouring over us is to make God the center of our lives, and consider Sunday (Sabbath) Church Services a vital part of your week. There you will be strengthened in the faith that our country was founded upon and might spur us on to share our patriotism.

Oh yes, the only way to escape the completely false claim that Michelle Obama is really a man is to turn to God, who will then presumably make us as credulous as Rev. Austin Miles.

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