Bradlee Dean’s Self-Aggrandizing Video

Bradlee Dean’s Self-Aggrandizing Video July 16, 2014

To intelligent people, Bradlee Dean is a ridiculous buffoon. To his followers, and apparently to himself, he’s a hero saving America from everything bad. You have to see this video he put out on Youtube. It may be the most narcissistic thing you’ve ever seen. And hilariously, he announced it on Facebook with this quote:

Duke Lawson said,

Who is he? He’s living proof that rock and roll musicians don’t have to live the depraved and God-less rock and roll lifestyle! Him and Ted Nugent both.

Really? Ted Nugent, the same guy who says he slept with scores of underaged girls and even talked one set of parents into signing custody of their underaged daughter over to him so he could keep having sex with her? The Ted Nugent who shit his pants for several weeks straight to avoid getting drafted into a war he supported but now claims that solders are his “blood brothers”? That Ted Nugent? Anyway, this video is hilariously overblown.


"that's 5 pm central dst."

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