A New Face for the ‘Ex-Gay’ Movement

A New Face for the ‘Ex-Gay’ Movement July 24, 2014

Candace Chellew-Hodge writes at Religion Dispatches about David Kyle Foster, the new face of the “ex-gay” movement. They need a new face, of course, because so many of the old faces have abandoned that ruse and admitted to, or been caught, still being gay despite having sold the ex-gay con for decades.

After losing prominent “ex-gay” mouthpieces to apology (Alan Chambers), scandal (George Rekers) or enlightenment (John Paulk), the religious right is scrambling for a new face to sell its snake oil.

Say hello to David Kyle Foster, author of a pair of books about leaving homosexuality, whose new article over at the Christian Post rehashes all the lies the right-wing loves to spout about lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people.

She quotes this from Foster:

Homosexual behavior also tears at the soul, causing much higher rates for substance abuse, suicide, depression, domestic violence, early death – even in the most gay-friendly regions of the globe. Why? Because active homosexuals are trying to find something through gay relationships that can never be found there.

And offers this spot-on response:

The same can be said for homosexuality. A sexual orientation does not cause one to become addicted, depressed, violent or die early. Instead, a society and a church that calls you abnormal, crazy, “intrinsically disordered,” and asserts that God hates you enough for who you are to send you to an eternal hell creates these kinds of behaviors.

At our core, human beings want to fit in. We want to be loved and accepted and when we aren’t, when we’re made to feel like scum and ashamed of who we are, we turn to things that make us feel better—drugs and alcohol perhaps. Being rejected by family, church and society can bring on depression or violence in acting out our frustrations. Early death, though, for our community can be caused by any of these problems … and sometimes violence from those outside our community who believe the world would be a better place without us.

So, no, LGBT people are not addicted, depressed, violent or checking out early because of who we are. What really “tears at the soul” is how we are treated by people who believe, and preach, and attempt to legislate that we are “less than” everyone else.

Precisely right.

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