Gina Miller Wants God to Remove Obama From Office

Gina Miller Wants God to Remove Obama From Office July 25, 2014

Gina Miller is losing hope. She really, really wants Obama to be impeached but knows that isn’t going to happen, so she’s reduced to praying that God himself will see to it that the Kenyan Marxist Muslim will be frogmarched out of the White House in handcuffs.

Aside from impeachment, what can be done to stop him? Something like John Boehner’s lawsuit against Obama? The House suing Obama makes no sense to me. Why are they surrendering their rightful co-equal power to the federal courts? I heard Mark Levin on his national radio show point out the dangerous foolishness of this move by Boehner, noting that if a federal judge rules against the House or declares that it has no standing, that it will only further inflate Obama’s self-declared “mandate” to continue his lawless dictatorship.

As painful and infuriating as it is to say, I am certain no one can stop Obama, except the Lord Himself, if only He would. I don’t have much hope that God will intervene, because I see the terrible state of our nation, our headlong flight into tyranny, as part of His judgment on the United States. We can see the detestable state of our culture, our collective embrace of all kinds of sinful behavior and the expulsion from our government, military, institutions and public square of all things Christian. Instead, America worships the “proud” flaunting and writing into law of homosexuality and other sexual deviancy, the mass-murder of pre-born babies “celebrated” as “choice,” and the indolent, entitlement mentality of far too many people who shun work and instead insist that others pay for their living, and in so doing, choose for themselves lives of servitude to their government masters. Barack Obama is also part of the Lord’s judgment on this wayward nation. It’s not just him alone, but the entire American power structure that has sunk into diseased corruption and criminality.

So you’re praying to God to remove Obama from office while also believing that he’s the one who put him there in the first place? That’s bloody genius.

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