FBI Investigating Mike Adams’ Threats

FBI Investigating Mike Adams’ Threats July 30, 2014

I keep meaning to write about the appalling post by Mike Adams, the “health ranger,” telling his followers to kill supports of Monsanto and GMOs just like they would have killed the Nazis. He even apparently put up a Monsanto Collaborators site to tell them specifically who to kill, while claiming he wasn’t the one behind it. Now he’s caught the attention of the FBI:

Adams posted a screed on his website (since sanitized by Adams; we’ve included link to the pre-censored version) attacking supporters of genetic engineering as modern day Nazis, suggesting that anti-GMO activists should consider murdering scientists and journalists for their crimes against humanity. Adams then alerted readers to another site, Monsanto Collaborators, which was more or less a handy online list of these so-called ‘Nazi perpetrators”–aka scientists, journalists and news organizations that believe biotechnology can play a constructive role in farming–for crazies who might want to follow Adams’ marching orders and begin assassinations. I was prominently mentioned by Adams, no doubt because of the scathing Adams profile and fact sheet summary GLP posted in April.

Adams alerted readers to this new “collaborators” site, claiming he had nothing at all to do with it, but urging readers to lap it up. Not surprisingly, anti-GMO philosopher Vandana Shiva, whose credibility as a reasoned critic of GMOs is in tatters, linked to the Adams story on one of her sites…

But more interesting is the fact that it’s now clear that Adams was behind the Monsanto Collaborators site. Analyses by the GLP, geneticist Karl Haro von Mogel and most extensively by the website This Week in Pseudo Science have demonstrated that the coding signatures–akin to a DNA match–are all over the Monsanto Collaborators site, which was actually registered hours before Adams’ first attack column was published. In sum: Adams has been busted. He published both sites…

Adams tried to cleanse his original post calling for the killing of scientists and journalists and is now blocking access to the Monsanto Collaborators site, which he claims was actually set up by Monsanto and its supporters to discredit him and other anti-GMO activists, but the truth is out and the damage has been done.

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, besieged by complaints from targets and the science and journalism communities, immediately launched an investigation of Adams and the site, with Adams facing possible felony charges of inciting violence (if he lived in a Europe or a Commonwealth country like the U.K., he would probably already have been served).

Good. This is no different from anti-choice extremists putting up names and addresses of abortion doctors and telling them to go kill them. Adams should be in jail.

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