Bryan Fischer Proves Boehner Wrong

Bryan Fischer Proves Boehner Wrong August 2, 2014

John Boehner’s new and incredibly stupid talking point is that all this talk of impeachment is coming from Democrats. Bryan Fischer proves him wrong by not only calling for Obama’s impeachment but arguing that the Democrats have goaded Boehner into not impeaching him. Oh, and it’s the end of America if we don’t.

In fact, it’s impeachment or nothing. In the end, Republicans will have absolutely no other alternative if they wish to keep this president from transforming this once great nation into a banana republic.

Lawsuits won’t work, because the president has already shown a cavalier disregard for the rule of law. Defunding won’t work, because the president has already shown a cavalier disregard for budgetary restraints of any kind.

In the end, it will be impeachment or the ruin of America.

Now if the Republicans don’t want to save this country, they won’t attempt to impeach. If they do love this country, they will. In the end, the equation will be as simple as that.

The ruin of America! And when Obama leaves office in January, 2016 without having been impeached or having destroyed the country, Fischer won’t be the least bit phased. He’ll just move on to his next paranoid fantasy and sell it with just as much false assurance.

John Boehner, goaded by the Democrats, has unwisely taken impeachment off the table. The reality is that the Democrats are scared to death of impeachment – they know the public is growing increasingly disaffected with Obama – and thus tried to goad Republicans into prematurely surrendering its powers of action. The GOP has been outwitted again.

The outsmarted Republicans, too dull of mind to realize they have been gamed, have stupidly dropped the one weapon they could use to save America.

The Democrats are using guns in this fight, while convincing the Republicans to voluntarily disarm. America now lies defenseless before a marauder.

Now that’s just funny. Boehner says the Democrats are the ones who want impeachment and that’s why he isn’t falling for it, while Fischer says the Democrats are terrified of it and that’s why they’ve convinced Boehner not to do it. Hilarious.

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