SC Education Committee Votes to Weaken Evolution

SC Education Committee Votes to Weaken Evolution August 2, 2014

Remember Mike Fair, the South Carolina state senator who tried to prevent the mammoth from being named the state fossil unless it had Biblical language in the proclamation? Well he’s back and still trying anything he can to undermine the validity of evolution as taught in schools.

South Carolina’s current standards require that students “demonstrate an understanding of biological evolution and the diversity of life,” including exemplifying “scientific evidence in the fields of anatomy, embryology, biochemistry, and paleontology that underlies the theory of biological evolution” and summarizing “ways that scientists use data from a variety of sources to investigate and critically analyze aspects of evolutionary theory.” Even this was too much for State Senator Mike Fair (R), a member of the Oversight Committee and joint panel, who proposed that the state should teach “Darwinian natural selection” as a theory rather than a fact. His initial proposal would have required teachers to “teach the controversy” about evolution and forced students to construct arguments both in support and against it.

Fair and the five other members of the joint education panel embraced compromise language Tuesday to teach South Carolina students that “scientific conclusions are tested by experiment and observation, and evolution, as with any aspect of science, is continually open to and subject to experimental and observational testing,” and require that they “understand assumptions scientists make in situations where direct evidence is limited and understand that all theories may change as new scientific information is obtained.”

Fair praised these new rules on Tuesday, telling WBTW he hoped they would “stimulate even more in-depth questions, which then will beg for some critical thinking to come up with some opinions, and some inferences made by the students.”

If this is really all about open inquiry, why is evolution being singled out? Of course theories may change as new evidence is discovered, but that’s true of the germ theory of disease, gravity and every other scientific theory we teach in schools. But he only demands that this be taught about theories he disagrees with. I think that pretty much gives up the game.

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