Mikey Gets Email

Mikey Gets Email August 6, 2014

Mikey Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation sends me his hate mail from time to time and I like to publish it because it provides a glimpse into the mindset of a sizable chunk of people. I found this one particularly amusing for some reason.

> From: ayrfrcbloomom@savyrsblud.ocm

Subject: Change Sides Mr. Weinstein

Date: August 2, 2014 at 4:37:52 PM MDT

To: Information Weinstein

Mr. Weinstein I am the mother of a cadet at the Air Force Academy the wife of an Academy graduate and a sister of another Academy graduate who flies fighters. I am also deeply faithful in my love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and His Gospel of Grace. I also love our Air Force and all of the military. I understand how the faith in Christ is the only ingredient that can Save America through our military. I know you are the sworn enemy of Christ and the Air Force. But I will learn much more about you tomorrow.

Our church has a Sunday morning Bible study group which focuses on how current events are fulfulling the Prophesy of Christ of the end days. The end days are not only for real but are happneng now. Tomorrow’s class is all about you Mr. Weinstein. How you and the MRFF and your family are merely willing pawns for satan in all that plays out according to Christ’s plan. The class materials show you and your family. They look nice but we all know that the slaves to the father of lies can take any form. Especially pleasing ones. (2 Corinthians 11-14.) You fool noone.

It’s not really all of your fault as you have been assigned the role of the vicar of lucifer. Your evil because none of you cannot resist this. Our pastor teaches the class and is a known expert on you the MRFF and your family. This is why you lead the MRFF on the road to hell. This is why your wife sons and daughters will perish into the Lake of Fire with you. Along with all of those defilers of Christ with the hellbound MRFF. Once aflame in hell you can never ever be let out. Why would you wish this on yourself? On your wife and sons and daughters? On the people at the MRFF who serve satan with you? (Revelation 12:9.)

I write you today to beg you to resist lucifer and his hold over you and your family. You must try harder to fight against satan and only for Jesus. Many follow you and your loud charisma against Jesus. You are a great influencer for the dark one. You are a very clever deceiver. Just as foretold. If you would just summon the strength of Jesus Christ you could be the next Paul of Tarsus.

As a jew especially you must fight harder to resist the hold of the father of lies over you and of your kind. (John 8:44.) Over the MRFF. Over your family. All of your all’s eternal salvation depends upon this. We who are in Christ already know we will win in the end. And you and your fellow sinners of satan will lose and burn eternal for it. I know in your heart you do not want your children and grandchildren to burn. But they will and it’s your fault if you make them burn for your sins.

Please Mr. Weinstein. Change sides now and fight for Jesus. Reject your master lucifer. There is little time left. Save your family and friends. Jesus is your only hope. (John 14:6.)

I’m sure Mikey will get right on that and convert to Christianity.

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