Fighting the Devil: There’s an App for That

Fighting the Devil: There’s an App for That August 12, 2014

Are you sometimes tempted to do naughty things like masturbate or think for yourselves? Well that’s the devil talking, son, and now there’s a smartphone app that promises to give you “The power to silence Satan …

in your pocket!”

Inspired by his own book Silence Satan, ministry leader Kyle Winkler of Kyle Winkler Ministries (catchy name) developed an app to help get those damned demons out of yer pretty little head. The app is called “Shut Up, Devil!” As Winkler explains, it’s a “weapon for spiritual warfare.”

He even touts that, “Soon, you realize that you’re no longer under attack, but you’re on the attack. And over time, issues you once dealt with will no longer plague you. And the lies the Devil launches at you, will no longer influence you.”

The Youtube video explaining the app is simply hilarious.


Here’s the website.

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