Adams: People Fleeing Marriage Equality States

Adams: People Fleeing Marriage Equality States August 15, 2014

Cathie Adams of the Texas Eagle Forum has never been one to let pesky things like facts get in the way of a perfectly good rant, so it was hardly a surprise when, at a recent press conference, she declared that people are fleeing states that have marriage equality and coming to Texas to avoid those icky gay people.

“Texas is the fastest growing state in the nation and there is a reason for that, and part of that reason is traditional marriage…

This is good for Texas families. We do not accept the homosexual agenda, that is what we are talking about here. If those who embrace that homosexual agenda want to move to a state that does embrace homosexual marriage, there is a state of Massachusetts that they could move to. But we are finding is that they’re not moving to Massachusetts, what is happening is that Massachusetts is declining in numbers, people are moving out of that state. So why in the world would Texas, that is growing and the fastest growing, want to join Massachusetts, that is declining. People are moving away, they are voting with their feet, out of Massachusetts. Yet, there are liberals who are trying to influence all of us in places like Hollywood and San Francisco. They want to change Texas.”

And now, a word from reality. In fact, the latest numbers show Massachusetts population growing at a modest rate. People move from state to state for a lot of reasons, primarily economic (availability of jobs, cost of housing, etc). The Census Bureau actually asks people why they moved from state to state. Their answers:

Housing: 43.7%

Family: 30.3%

Employment: 16.4%

You know what almost no one answers? Gay marriage laws. And think what it would mean if what she said was true. It would mean those people are such virulent bigots that they are willing to uproot their lives and leave just to get away from a state that allows other people to get married, which has nothing remotely to do with them. Sounds like exactly the kind of people Adams would want in Texas.

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