Televangelist Gets All Wound Up

Televangelist Gets All Wound Up August 15, 2014

There are few things more amusing to me than when a televangelist con man gets all fired up and lets loose with the big rhetorical guns to coax a bit more cash out of the pockets of his followers. This post from James Robison is about equal parts nonsense, fearmongering and false bravado as he declares himself an eternal warrior who will never back down in the face of the oppression he imagines himself to be suffering. And he’s just beside himself about how badly he’s being treated:

If you support the ideal of marriage, you are chastised as a homophobe who opposes fairness and equality.

That’s because you’re denying equal rights to a group of people that you routinely demonize, all based on your religion. You are, in fact, opposed to fairness and equality. I’m sure it bothers you to hear that, but I don’t really give a shit. It’s true.

If you uphold the sanctity of human life, you are characterized as opposing freedom of choice.

Because that’s an accurate characterization.

If you allow your faith in Christ to actually mean something, impacting your words, actions, and beliefs, you are compared to Jihadists and labeled an enemy of America.

Really? How many examples would you like of you and your fellow Christian right leaders comparing atheists, liberals and gay people to terrorists? Name a number between 100 and 1 million and it won’t be hard to hit. This is psychological projection that would make Bryan Fischer proud.

We are now told if Congress has passed a law, it’s not to be challenged. That logic means we must bring back slavery and prohibition, which were once the law, and cancel a woman’s right to vote and all civil rights legislation because those changes were made to reject previous, bad laws. If this Senate passes it, we are now told, don’t dare challenge it.

Uh, what? Who is telling you that? I thought the complaint was that even if Congress passes a law, Obama won’t enforce it. Now the claim is that Congress’ laws can never be challenged? You do realize we have a court system that allows such challenges? In fact, I bet you supported the challenge to the Affordable Care Act and were outraged by the challenge to DOMA, which means this argument is complete bullshit. It’s just religio-babble with no relationship to reality whatsoever.

Call me any name you wish. Put any misrepresentation or so-called “politically correct” label on me—but I am declaring America is being encouraged to believe and embrace lies…to support them, to cast aside our founders’ principles—including God’s Word and eternal truths—and submit to the bondage of an out-of-control state. The federal government and deceived representatives are forcing legislation, policies, and practices on American citizens, demanding that our tax dollars—our money, which God has trusted to our watchcare—be used to support worthless, godless, freedom-damaging policies, programs, and laws. This nonsense—this insanity—has to stop…and stop now! Americans must come to their senses and reject this idolatry. We must refuse to bow to any false god or to trust it as our source. Not Pharaoh, not Saul, not Nebuchadnezzar, not Babylon, not Rome, not emperors, not kings, not monarchies, not Washington or Uncle Sam. Only God!

Oh, he’s getting fired up now. Go Robison, go!

Now is the time to stand against the gates and forces of hell as faithful witnesses—ambassadors of truth—exalting God’s Word and life in His kingdom now. Refuse to stay hidden, keeping His truth only in church buildings! Become the blood-bought, born-again body of believers, the church of the living God, a shining city set on a hill that cannot and will not be hidden any longer!…

In order to stop the slide and correct our nation’s course, all who have legitimate concerns must learn to work together in supernatural harmony, unity, and commitment. Thomas Paine is still right: “It is not in numbers but in unity that our great strength lies.”

Paine is also still right that all this talk about the Biblical god is unadulterated bullshit.

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