Sorbo Has Staggeringly Stupid Exchange About Atheism

Sorbo Has Staggeringly Stupid Exchange About Atheism August 17, 2014

Kevin Sorbo was not just an actor playing a character in God’s Not Dead, he is an active advocate for the incredibly dishonest portrayal of atheists in that movie. He showed this again in an unbelievably idiotic exchange on Access Hollywood. Hemant has the transcript:

Sorbo: … I’ve seen these guys [atheists] on TV and cable outlets… Atheists actually have, like, chapters and they have, I mean, it’s weird. I see the anger when these guys get on TV! And I’m going, wow, how do you get so angry about something you don’t believe in?

Robinson: Right…

Sorbo: I find that very interesting.

Robinson: Every time I’m around, if I’m ever around an atheist, I think I’m gonna get hit by lightning or something. I just don’t even want to be in the room with them.

That’s Shaun Robinson, one of the hosts of the show, who is apparently as much of an idiot as Sorbo is. Really, Shaun? You worry about that? Have you seen atheists get hit by lightning? No? Then you’re full of shit.

Sorbo: It’s weird how they can get nativity scenes pulled down because they say it offends them. They’re offended by something they don’t believe in. Well, it offends about 90% of people of the country that they take the nativity scenes down, but apparently, the majority doesn’t have a voice in this country anymore, so what are you gonna do?

Oh yes, of course. That’s the problem with this country, Christians just don’t have enough of a voice in it. Well over 90% of all positions of power, but somehow completely powerless. What fucking world does this guy live in?

Sorbo: What’s interesting, people can say, oh, that doesn’t happen, where students get persecuted at universities because of their belief. It does happen. At the end of the movie, we show 37 court cases — we could’ve shown many more — in the closing credits of major universities being sued by students because they’re being persecuted purely for having a faith in God.

None of which had anything even remotely to do with the plot of the movie. Even if every one of those cases was a legitimate case of anti-Christian persecution (and they aren’t; more on this later when I write a full post about that list of cases), it does not follow that any philosophy professor would do what Sorbo’s character did or that any university would allow it to be done.

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