Your Dumbass Wingnut Screed of the Week

Your Dumbass Wingnut Screed of the Week August 19, 2014

Rev. Austin Miles’ recent column at Alan Keyes’ Renew America site is practically the Platonic ideal of a dumbass wingnut screed. Lies? Check. Unsupported assertions? Check. Bizarre conspiracy theories? Check. Randomly capitalized words? Check. Laughably ridiculous boogeymen? Check. Let’s start with a lie about ISIS in Iraq:

The occupant of the White House (not president-a fraudulent squatter) has shown incredible indifference to the suffering of Christians being persecuted daily. He has not, nor will not, lift one finger to help or protect them.

Well, other than what he actually is doing, like facilitating arms to the Kurds so they can provide protection for them and fight against ISIS, and bomb ISIS positions.

Let this be clear: Obama was PLACED in the Oval Office for the express purpose of destroying America. His Communist handlers (CPUSA) found him in Kenya, his birthplace, and groomed him

He was born in Kenya, as the Kenya newspaper joyfully proclaimed when he managed to become a U.S.Senator. Shortly after I had found this on the Kenya newspaper’s website, it was scrubbed along with the birth certificate. Too late. We saw it. When Jerome Corsi of WND went there to get more information, he met only rigid silence and hositility as the entire area covered up Obama’s background.

Obama came here on a foreign student visa, and was put through University as a Foreign Student. He was never eligible to sit in the President’s office. He was NOT voted into office even though an illusion was created that made it appear so. Most of those votes were fraudulent including thousands from dead people.

The CPUSA also manipulated that second Obama “election” and if this works out like the Communists plan, that would be the last free election in America. The plan is for Obama to use Executive Order to declare himself, Dictator for Life in 2016.

Meanwhile the cowardly republicans and democrats who are NOT members of the Communist Party, will do nothing to stop this madness, when they could have him properly REMOVED from office. He should be promptly ESCORTED out of that office which he hijacked and taken to Federal Prison.

CPUSA? Seriously? That ragtag band of a few thousand idiots (at most) is running the entire country? Mr. Miles, I would be happy to make you a bet on whether Obama will declare himself dictator for life in 2016. If he does, I’ll give you every single dollar and possession that I have. If he doesn’t, you have to declare yourself to be a fucking moron and never write or speak on political matters again. Deal?

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