Robertson: Gay Teen Needs a Man In His Life to Turn Straight

Robertson: Gay Teen Needs a Man In His Life to Turn Straight August 28, 2014

Another day, another embarrassingly moronic response from Pat Robertson to a question from a 700 Club viewer. This time a woman wrote in to say that her stepson, who lives with his mother, thinks he’s gay. Robertson says being raised by a woman has changed his sexual orientation and he just needs a good man in his life to change him back.

Repeating the myth that homosexuality is the result of a lack of parental bonding, Robertson said “his attraction is now toward other men because he’s raised by a woman.”

“I would get him male companions, I’d get him some man to help him, some mentor, someone who cares about young men,” Robertson advised. “He is being raised by a single woman and that is skewing his orientation.”

Seriously, you fucking idiot, do you know how many boys are raised by single mothers in this country? About 15 million of them. You know how many of them turn out to be gay? A tiny percentage, no different than the percentage raised by two parents or just by men.


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