Fake ‘Ex-Terrorist’ Lies About Obama Going to Mosque

Fake ‘Ex-Terrorist’ Lies About Obama Going to Mosque September 4, 2014

Kamal Saleem, the fake “ex-terrorist” who makes the rounds of the right wing fever swamps, went on Rick Wiles’ radio show and offered a brand new lie about President Obama. There was a parody news site that claimed that Obama spent the 4th of July at a mosque and several wingnuts fell for it and reported it as if it were true. But Saleem falsely claims that he went to a mosque in Washington, DC on Christmas day.

“We see him on Christmas, he goes to the mosque, on Christmas Day he’s in a mosque in Washington D.C. taking his shoes off to celebrate that day on Christmas Day in a Washington D.C. mosque,” he said.

In every year of his presidency — 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 — Obama and his family were in his home state of Hawaii during Christmas. But perhaps Obama actually spent Christmas surreptitiously flying from Hawaii to Washington to secretly attend a mosque and managed to do so without anyone in the media reporting on it … after all, it’s only a brisk, ten hour flight.​

Ah, what good are facts when they don’t fit your preferred narrative?

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