Another Day, Another Failed Right Wing Rally in Washington

Another Day, Another Failed Right Wing Rally in Washington September 16, 2014

The group Two Million Bikers tried and failed for the second time to get “thousands” of people to show up in Washington to hold a big rally to get Obama out of office. A couple hundred people showed up, then dwindled down to about 50 after a while. Even the speakers were disappointed:

But uniting them and other speakers was hostility toward the Obama administration and anger at the perception that the president will not clearly identify Islamist extremism as the nation’s enemy. Among the conspiracy theories heard from the podium were the claim from Second Amendment activist and self-described “gun chick” Jan Morgan that the U.N. small arms treaty was about disarming Americans, and the assertion by “Pope” Dan Johnson that “NATO came together in a meeting and this administration signed that NATO pact to tell Christians or to tell any religion what they can and cannot do.” Morgan said she didn’t believe Obama had actually won re-election because she knows about votes counted in Barcelona, Spain, and dead people who voted six times…

Manny Vega, a Marine vet and self-described “Three Percenter” also spoke at both rallies.

Vega, who as one of the final speakers faced a very sparse crowd, seemed bummed out by the small turnout. “There should be millions of people,” he said, recalling photos of Vietnam War protests filling the entire mall. “What are we doing? A couple patriots out here.” Vega said more truck drivers, waitresses, bikers, and mechanics need to get involved and get elected.

Dinesh D’Souza showed up too and sold a handful of books. It’s almost comical at this point, isn’t it? How many times have they tried and failed at this? Operation American Spring was going to have “at least 10 million” people show up; a few hundred did. Larry Klayman’s Second American Revolution was going to remove Obama from office; there were nearly as many speakers as there were people to listen to them. Thousands of truckers were going to descend on DC and shut down the beltway; a couple guys in pickups with confederate flags showed up and were barely noticed. But don’t worry, the next one is going to be HUGE.

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