Perkins: Constitution Doesn’t Protect Muslims

Perkins: Constitution Doesn’t Protect Muslims September 16, 2014

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council offers a ridiculously hypocritical argument for why the religious freedom of Muslims is not protected by the Constitution. It’s the same old argument about Islam being more than just a religion, as if that did not apply to Christianity as well. Oh, and the murderous Muslims are the real ones.

Perkins, who was responding to a caller who worried that mosques in her hometown are harboring terrorist sleeper cells, said the vast majority of Muslims who aren’t committing acts of violence are all phony Muslims who “don’t really believe the Quran or practice it as its written.”

Funny, that’s what the Christian Reconstructionists say about other Christians too. Like the Muslims, they want to stone gay people and women who aren’t virgins to death too. If you instituted the Old Testament Mosaic law in this country, it would be virtually indistinguishable from Sharia law. And there are lots of Christians who want to do just that and who think that any Christian who doesn’t want to do that “doesn’t really believe the Bible or practice it as it’s written.” Most Muslims, like most Christians, find ways to reinterpret those barbaric verses and excuse them away. And then there are people like Perkins, who are sort of Dominionism Light and want to impose some of the Biblical law and not other parts of it.

He warned that Islam isn’t necessarily protected under the Constitution because it “tears at the fabric of our society” and undermines “ordered liberty,” adding that Islam is “not just a religion, it’s an economic system, it’s a judicial system and it’s a military system.”

Seriously? How many examples would you like me to list of Christian leaders, including Perkins, arguing that the Bible tells us what kind of economic system to have, what kind of judicial system to have, what kind of military and so forth? How many books would you like me to list of people Perkins considers friends and allies claiming that Christianity and the Bible are not just religious but are political and economic as well and how Christians should control every institution of society in the name of Jesus?

“Those things will tear and destroy the fabric of a democracy,” he said. “So we have to be very clear about our laws and restrain those things that will harm the whole. We are a nation that was founded on Judeo-Christian principles, that’s the foundation of our nation, not Islam, but the Judeo-Christian God.”

It’s the same damn God. Muslims accept the Torah (the first five books of the Bible) as well and trace their lineage back to Abraham too. Perkins knows this, but he also knows that his audience is incredibly ignorant.

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