‘Slutty’ Women and the ‘War on White Males’

‘Slutty’ Women and the ‘War on White Males’ September 17, 2014

Gina Miller, the deranged content editor for BarbWire, was on Linda Harvey’s Mission America radio show over the weekend and declared that “slutty” women cause men to rape them and that it’s all part of a “war on white males” in this country. Because that’s not too delusional or anything.

Miller said feminists, and all liberals, “have this hatred for males, especially white males.”

“There is this palpable hatred for men,” she said. “Actual rape is a terrible thing and no one is saying that these men are not accountable but I at the same time hold women responsible for when they put themselves, present themselves in slutty attire at a drunken frat party and then expect these frat boys to behave like gentlemen. It’s nonsense.”

Harvey, for her part, claimed the “war on women” is a myth, when in reality there is “a war on unborn babies, a war on common sense [and] a war on Christianity.” Miller agreed: “The war on women is a completely fabricated, made-up thing. There is actually a war out there, it’s a war against all humanity led by the Devil himself and people that he inspires. A war on unborn babies, it’s a genocidal, homicidal war. There is a real war on white males in this nation.”

Feminists just hate white men, eh? That rings a bell. When was the last time I heard that line? Oh yeah, it was from an atheist who left Freethought Blogs.

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