Evangelist Flips Out About Satanic Books in School

Evangelist Flips Out About Satanic Books in School September 22, 2014

Remember Joshua Feuerstein, the incredibly shouty evangelist who put up that staggeringly stupid video on evolution, then doubled down and turned it into an even more idiotic $100,000 challenge? Well he’s got another inexplicably loud video flipping his lid about the school in Florida that has to allow satanic books in school because they let Christians do the same thing.

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He’s mad as hell about this. Because it’s totally wrong to put satanic coloring books in schools. They should only be allowed to hand out Bibles, with wholesome stories like God drowning the entire world, ordering genocide again and again, Lot offering his daughters up to strangers, people seeing their fathers naked and burning people in hell forever. And the comments on his Facebook page in response to this video are hilarious.

Amen!!!!!!! I’m ready to put my foot down. My girls will take their Bible to school tomorrow and I’m ready to see what the school has to say!! Come on America don’t be wimpy!!! Do it for Jesus.. Stand up for the one who created you!! Jesus said if you deny me ,I will deny you. Please let’s start a revival!!!!!

Wow, your daughters are going to take their Bible to school. That’ll show ’em. You know what will happen? Nothing, unless they insist on reading it when they’re supposed to be reading something else or listening to the teacher.

If a christian were to pass out christian coloring books, we’d be railed for it.

Yeah, you must have missed the part about how this is only happening because the same school let the Gideons in there to hand out Bibles. Kind of an important detail, but it really messes up your fake persecution complex.

I don’t want my kids coloring satanic coloring books.This is not religious freedom.

Right. Just like other parents don’t want people handing out Bibles in that same school. But guess what? They don’t have to take one. They’re just sitting on a table. The school isn’t forcing them to take them, just like they aren’t forcing anyone to take Bibles.

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