Wiles: Government Will Release Ebola to ‘Round Up Patriots’

Wiles: Government Will Release Ebola to ‘Round Up Patriots’ September 23, 2014

Rick Wiles can’t seem to make up his mind about Ebola. A few weeks ago he said that it could help end the problems of “atheism and homosexuality” in this country. Now he says that the government is going to release Ebola intentionally ““as the cover to round up patriots who resist the takedown of the Republic.” As if either of those claims weren’t completely messed up and idiotic.

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  • alanb

    If this country is hit with the Ebola or the bubonic plague your neighbors will beg the Army to come in and remove the infected people from your neighborhood.

    Apparently Mr. Wiles is unaware that the bubonic plague is already here, and has been for some time, in the form of about 10 or 15 cases a year. If it comes to my neighborhood, my response will probably be to go see a doctor and get some antibiotics.

  • As if either of those claims weren’t completely messed up and idiotic.

    Look, whatever it turns out to be, I think we can we at least agree that it’s Obama’s fault. Whatever it is. Even if it’s nothing.*


    * “What is the White House trying to hide? How come Obama is keeping Ebola from Americans? This is tyranny! Tyranny! There is nothing in The Constitution that gives the president the power to keep Ebola from The People!”

  • some bastard on the internet

    Silly Ed, there’s a world of difference between Godbola and Obola. Godbola was specifically created by God to rid the world of non-Christians (which is why Christians not only can’t get it, but can remove it from those who have it). Obola, on the other hand, was created by a Kenyan-Muslim-Socialist-Atheist-Homo, which means that Patriots (i.e., Christians) have no natural immunity to it. WAKE UP, SHEEPLE!!!!

  • Larry

    How does Wiles keep gaining access to Obama’s totally top-secret plans? Every time some dastardly deed is planned for the jebus-loving patriots, it gets leaked to Wiles and the Marxist-Muslim-Athiest government must scramble to abort. This is costing us too much money and resources, damnit. There’s a mole somewhere in Obama’s inner circle, probably some guy who jumped the Whitehouse fence, made it into the unlocked door, and is now attending cabinet meetings where these plans are discussed and green-lit only to phone them in to Wiles immediately thereafter.

    Find this guy, Mr. FBI agent and let Obama get on with it!

  • Glenn E Ross

    The fact that Wiles and his ilk can continue to spout their conspiracies, refutes their conspiracies.

  • Wiles’ two different statements are not contradictory. In the first one, he says those who have the blood of Jesus on them will be protected from Ebola. Obama’s plan is to release the Ebola virus into the population and everyone who is protected by the magic Jesus blood will be revealed as a True Christian (TM). So, if you don’t die of Ebola, you’ll be rounded up and put into a FEMA camp.

  • dingojack

    Dear Mr Wiles (sooper Geenius),

    If the President wanted to round you up, he’d use the powers given to him to imprison whistle-blowers*.



    * after all, as pointed out above, you could be easily suspected of receiving leaked information from high government sources, (largely, as you claim this yourself) …

  • tsig

    Ebola > Obama. Oh man, they aren’t even trying to hide it anymore.

    (Puts on tin hat, hides under bed and closes eyes)

  • grumpyoldfart

    Luckily there is not a Christian in America who would be dumb enough to believe that story.

  • dhall

    #6 – d. c. wilson – But does it have to be genuine, real blood of jesus or can it be the result of transubstantiation, or even nonexistent? Otherwise, it sounds kind of icky.

  • dingojack

    tsig – forget the ‘tin hat’ (soooo last cent.) are you wearing the Larry Klaymation brand aluminium (majik) underpants?!?

    Enquiring minds — really, really don’t want to know.

    🙂 Dingo

  • jnorris

    Laughing Evangelist: Obama Building Concentration Camps

    Kincaid: Obama May Be a Russian Agent

    Wiles: Government Will Release Ebola to ‘Round Up Patriots’

    So Vlad ‘the mad’ Putin’s secret agent will unleash the ebola virus to scare True Christians ™ into the FEMA concentration camps.

    What’s really frightening to me is not that any one broadcaster is listened to by the Tea Party. I am frightened that Tea Party members listen to all of the broadcasters and have this scary black man slush in their heads all the time.