A Bigot’s Bizarre Slander of Gay Parents

A Bigot’s Bizarre Slander of Gay Parents October 1, 2014

Even by Christian right anti-gay bigot standards, Robert Oscar Lopez is completely unhinged. He has this bizarre idea that gay parents who adopt are bringing back slavery because they’re buying and selling children. But not straight people who adopt, of course. That’s totally different.

Cursed am I for having studied so much antebellum black literature. I can’t help but point out that black suffering came from a practice of people buying people, and now, because they can’t procreate naturally, homosexuals are buying people and calling them their children. I know, I know – we’re not talking about whips and chains or being forced to harvest sugarcane. But is slavery minus atrociously painful labor no longer slavery?

Wasn’t slavery the problem with slavery, not all the horrors that sometimes accompany slavery and sometimes do not? The thing itself – buying people like livestock and owning them, no matter how long the contract runs, whether you are a house or field servant – is the evil, not the byproducts.

Notice how I am not using profanity or saying that gay people are going to the fiery place below. I am simply pointing out that the gay lobby is not the first orchestrated movement to rationalize buying people. This is enough to turn them apoplectic.

So why isn’t it “slavery” when a straight couple adopts a child that is without a family? Why isn’t it “slavery” when a straight couple uses in vitro fertilization or surrogacy to become parents? Oh, right — because your holy book doesn’t hate those people and neither do you. I have gay friends who have adopted children. No reasonable person could possibly see the love and devotion they have for their children and be anything but moved by it. Only someone who is seriously deranged, like Robert Oscar Lopez, could rail against it in these terms.

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