Arpaio Investigator Wonders Who Obama’s Mother Is

Arpaio Investigator Wonders Who Obama’s Mother Is October 7, 2014

We’re used to loopy conspiracy theories about who President Obama’s real father is. Some wingnuts say it’s Frank Marshall Davis. Some say it’s Malcolm X. Some say it’s Barack Obama, Sr., which is also bad. But Mike Zullo, the guy heading up fascist Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s birther investigation, says we should be wondering who his real mother is.

Zullo told Boyles that he doesn’t know who Obama is, but “all that I can tell you is I don’t believe he is who he purports to be.”

He said that he disagreed with fellow conspiracy theorist Joel Gilbert’s assertion that the president’s real father was American labor organizer Frank Marshall Davis. Instead, he said, “I would be focusing real hard on who’s the mommy.”

I can’t wait to hear who the wingnuts think his real mother might be. Angela Davis? Patty Hearst? The ghost of Marie Antoinette?

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