Rick Wiles Meets 'Bible Code' 'Expert.' Hilarity Ensues.

Rick Wiles Meets 'Bible Code' 'Expert.' Hilarity Ensues. October 9, 2014

Rick Wiles may be the single most ridiculous person in right-wing talk radio (and imagine the competition for that title) but he’s not resting on his laurels. Burnishing his reputation for utter stupidity, he brought on an “expert” in all that “Bible code” bullshit that was discredited long ago to prove that Obama is, in fact, the Antichrist.

Wiles: So either Barack Obama is the Man of Sin, commonly known as the Antichrist, the Bible doesn’t say ‘Antichrist’ it says ‘Man of Sin.’

Wright: That’s right.

Wiles: Either Barack Obama is the Man of Sin or he is strongly connected to the Man of Sin or the spirit of Antichrist.

Wright: That’s right. Those are my only — I’ve tried to look at this as an investigation not with an agenda, by the way, but what I’ve come up with those have to be the possibilities. Let’s just face it, he’s got a ring on that says, ‘There’s no God but Allah and Mohammad is his Messenger.’ Now, by definition, that’s Antichrist.

His ring says no such thing, of course, proving once again that no claim, no matter how absurd or thoroughly discredited, ever dies in the right wing fever swamps.

He also found a “strong connection” between Obama’s name and the word “Beast,” which as Wiles notes, just so happens to be the nickname of the presidential limousine!

The two also shared their belief that Obama is likely the Antichrist because a fly once landed on him, something that only has ever happened to Obama. “And there’s always the photos that you see everywhere with the flies landing on his face,” Wright told Wiles, “I can show you in the codes where he’s got a strong connection to the Lord of the Flies, Beelzebub.”

I’ll give it an 8.4. The degree of difficulty just wasn’t high enough to make it the wingnut medal round.

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  • colnago80

    I don’t know if he’s more ridiculous then Michael Weiner (aka Savage).

  • OH!!! MY!!! GOD!!!!!!!

    A fly once landed on ME!!!!!


    ISo if Obama is the Anti-Christ of Sin, then I must be the Ani-Anti-Christ, or maybe just the Antifreeze!!!!



  • And these people are wandering around without a minder?

    Do they open carry too?

    You guys are in a world of shit.

  • birgerjohansson

    There is a cardinal Sin in the Philippines. Is he involved?


    The terminator is Antichrist?


    But suppose the teleportation fails and you end up with a fly body. If you land on somebody, surely that has no connection with the antichrist stuff?

  • John Pieret

    janiceintoronto @ 3:

    You guys are in a world of shit.

    Don’t be so smug. In a couple of decades, after all the droughts and floods caused by global warming, you could have 310 million starving and heavily armed people a few miles south of Toronto.

  • Larry

    I’ve tried to look at this as an investigation not with an agenda,

    Yeah. Sure. Absolutely.

  • eamick

    There is a cardinal Sin in the Philippines. Is he involved?

    He died in 2005.

  • He’s wrong. I broke the Bible Code. It turned out to be a phone number. I called it, but the number was disconnected. God is dead.


    He also found a “strong connection” between Obama’s name and the word “Beast,” which as Wiles notes, just so happens to be the nickname of the presidential limousine!

    The current presidential limousine entered service on January 20, 2009. & [Obama] was inaugurated as president on January 20, 2009.” (EMPHASIS MINE)


  • xuuths

    Wow, Wiles doesn’t even know the bible when he claims ” the Bible doesn’t say ‘Antichrist’ it says ‘Man of Sin.’”

    1 John 2:18

    1 John 2:22

    1 John 4:3

    2 John 1:7

    These all — in the King James Version — contain the word “antichrist”.

  • dhall

    There might be plenty of Muslims wearing rings or pendants with that quote, which means that there might be plenty of antichrists. All named Damien, of course. With ominous music in the background whenever someone is about to die in a weird, horrific way.

    The level of hatred and general bizarre crap is amazing. And all because the guy isn’t as white as the driven snow.

  • Trebuchet

    He died in 2005.

    That’s what THEY want you to think.

  • Randomfactor

    Remember that interview where Obama swatted a fly? Ba’al zebub, Lord of the Flies. QED.

  • dhall

    And there isn’t any reference to Muslims in the bible. There were no Muslims when the bible was plagiarized and made up.

  • If they think flies landing on a person = antichrist they should come out and do ecological field work in the swamps with me and my students; there must be at least a dozen antichrists among us each year (cue Pope John Cleese yelling at Michelangelo Eric Idle in the secret policeman’s ball about the latter paining 3 christs in the last supper; ” yeah but the two skinny ones offset the one fat one”…)

    I too called the phone number Modus indicates; but I got John A Davison’s ghost still trying to order a pizza http://decorabilia.blogspot.ca/2005/12/john-davison-orders-pizza.html

  • or is that ‘painting’ (Freudian slip, LOL)

  • steve78b

    Wait just a minute!

    Two of my co-workers told me that I am the Antichrist. Who you gonna believe?

    Some doofus on the tv or a couple of guys I work with in Oklahoma?

    Time for more bourbon, Doctor. Make it a triple.

  • Doug Little

    the Bible doesn’t say ‘Antichrist’ it says ‘Man of Sin.’

    So that’s narrowed it down to a little under half the worlds population.

  • dugglebogey

    I remember the pure hatred conservatives had for Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, but I don’t remember it descending to level of calling them the anti-christ. What’s the difference? I don’t get it!

    Oh yeah. It’s all code for a certain skin pigment. I forgot.

  • busterggi

    If only enough Dems had the guts to get together and spoof Spartacus, “I am the AntiChrist”, “No, I am the AntiChrist”, etc.

  • lorn

    Sooo … based upon a ring that was alleged to have a Koranic verse on it, but doesn’t, and the fact that during speech a fly landed upon him, and that the name Obama is in some unspecified and arcane way connected to “Beast” according to numerology it has to be concluded that Obama is the antichrist. Color me unconvinced and unimpressed.

  • dingojack

    Australia, in summer, is chock-full of Antichrists!!!

    [Ominous music]



  • And when, in a couple of years, Obama flies off into the sunset aboard Marine One to begin his membership in that very exclusive club of Ex-Presidents, will these guys reflect upon how full of crap they are?

    Didn’t think so…