Stockman: Obama Letting in Ebola So He Can Seize Control

Stockman: Obama Letting in Ebola So He Can Seize Control October 16, 2014

Rep. Steve Stockman, who seems intent on taking the title of Dumbest Congressman from his fellow Texas legislator Louis Gohmert, went on Rick Wiles’ radio show and said that he thinks Obama is deliberately letting Ebola into the country so he can seize control.

The Texas Republican lawmaker insisted that was simply just asking the question: “It’s just bizarre there’s not enough action up front and I’m wondering if that’s — I’m not saying this — but I’m wondering if that’s intentional in order to create a greater crisis to use it as a blunt force to say, well in order to solve this crisis we’re going to have to take control of the economy and individuals and so forth.”

“It’s just a strange non-response, a strange way of handling it and I think that if it does go forward and we do not control it, there may be an overreaction where the government starts taking away the rights of those that aren’t that necessarily involved or need that to happen,” he said. “I hope that’s not that case, but as you know this current government uses crisis to advance their philosophy and their agenda.”

Stockman also raised long-discredited claims about an executive order that he said could lead to the president “using emergency powers to take over control of the economy and everything.”

Remember, this is not some lowly right-wing radio talk show host (the guy he’s talking to was) or a Worldnetdaily columnist. This is a sitting member of Congress, for crying out loud.

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