Consecrated Communion Wafers are Jesus-Free

Consecrated Communion Wafers are Jesus-Free October 31, 2014

Leave it to the Raelians to do an experiment no one else has yet thought to do: Testing consecrated communion wafers for the presence of Jesus, or any other human being for that matter. They even put up a report that looks a lot like a scientific paper.

In this study we tested the Catholic dogma of transubstantiation by DNA analysis. Results showed unequivocally that the rituals performed by the priests during the Eucharist sacrament have no detectable effect on the substance of altar bread at the DNA level…

Consecrated hosts were collected during communion in 5 different Catholic churches in the United States and Canada and immediately placed into clean plastic bags to avoid contamination. A sample of cultured HEK-293 cells was used as the human control. Unconsecrated altar bread purchased from a church supply store was used as the wheat control…

Primer pairs that would allow to amplify specifically human and wheat DNA respectively under the same PCR conditions (same annealing temperature and product size range) were searched for in the available literature. Primers F7901 and R8311 [1], which target region 7901 to 8311 of the human mitochondrial genome, and Dgas44-F and Dgas44-R [2], which target the D genome-specific repetitive DNA sequence Dgas44 in wheat, were selected as human-specific and wheat-specific amplification primers respectively (Table 1).

An electrophoresis gel showing DNA amplification products is shown in Fig. 1. Negative controls (water as template, lanes NC) show no amplification product, indicating that PCR reagents were free from human or wheat DNA contamination. Human controls (lanes HC) show the expected 411 bp amplification product with human primers and no amplification with wheat primers, confirming that human DNA can be detected using the selected human primers. Wheat controls (lanes WC) show amplification products with both pairs of primers, with a more intense band with wheat primers. The human DNA detected in the wheat control was likely introduced during handling of the bread sample. The 5 consecrated bread samples (lanes 1 to 5) analyzed using wheat primers show the 286 bp band that would be expected for regular bread material but that should be absent if wheat DNA had somehow been changed into human DNA through the consecration performed by priests. Only one sample (number 5) shows a 411 bp PCR product when amplified using human primers, with a much lower band intensity than the 286 bp product obtained with wheat primers. All other consecrated bread samples show no amplification using human primers. Sample 5 is likely a case of human contamination during handling, as inferred by comparison with the wheat control. Taken together, these results are consistent with the consecrated sacramental bread samples being regular bread samples, and inconsistent with the claim of transubstantiation or the idea that the consecration during the Eucharist sacrament would change the wheat DNA into human DNA…

This study falsifies the claim that a religious ritual performed by a priest can actually change the substance of a bread wafer into the substance of a human body.

You know, they could have used the real blood of Jesus for the DNA testing. Ron Wyatt claimed to have found that blood on the top of the Ark of the Covenant, which he found in a cave below Jerusalem (but couldn’t actually produce, for various predictable reasons). He said he found the dried blood of Jesus on the Ark, had it reconstituted and tested and it only had 24 chromosomes (23 from Mary and one big one from God), thus proving that it was Jesus’ blood.

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