Egypt Imprisons People Who Attended Same-Sex Marriage

Egypt Imprisons People Who Attended Same-Sex Marriage November 3, 2014

You may recall a few weeks ago that Egypt arrested 8 men who attended a same-sex marriage ceremony after video of the event was posted online. They’ve now convicted those men of a number of absurd and totalitarian charges and sentenced them each to three years in prison.

An Egyptian court on Saturday convicted eight men for “inciting debauchery” following their appearance in an alleged same-sex wedding party on a Nile boat, sentencing each of them to three years in prison.

The Internet video shows two men exchanging rings and embracing among cheering friends. The eight were detained in September when a statement from the office of Egypt’s chief prosecutor said the video clip was “shameful to God” and “offensive to public morals.”

Egypt is a conservative majority Muslim country with a sizable minority of Christians. Homosexuality is a social taboo for both communities and only in recent years have fiction and movies included gay characters. Consensual same-sex relations are not explicitly prohibited, but other laws have been used to imprison gay men in recent years, including “debauchery” or “shameless public acts.” Same-sex marriage is unheard of in Egypt.

The verdict was received with protesting screams by relatives waiting outside the Cairo courthouse court. Some of them broke down and cried while others protested that medical examinations carried out by state doctors showed the defendants were not gay.

Yeah, because it would be so much better if “medical tests” had shown they were gay. That would make it all okay. /sarcasm

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  • To be fair, they did not dress to the theme on the RSVP. Are judges expected to go lightly if they’re fashion crimes? I think not!

  • NitricAcid

    That goes well with your post about Moses being a barbarian….

  • iangould

    I thought the military dictatorship had ushered in a new era of enlightenment and tolerance in Egypt.

  • Die Anyway

    I used to think it would be interesting to visit Egypt…see the pyramids and other antiquities…but no more. Despite the global economy and the ease of international travel, the number of places I would be comfortable visiting has diminished year by year.

  • colnago80

    To be fair here, in Iran or Saudi Arabia, they probably would have been executed.

  • dingojack

    SLC – I had to read your comment twice. At first I thought you wrote:

    ‘To be fair, here, in Iran or Saudi Arabia…’

    🙂 Dingo


    Don’t forget this is the country that imprisoned seven Al-Jazeera journalists for doing their job.

  • freehand

    dingojack: Don’t forget this is the country that imprisoned seven Al-Jazeera journalists for doing their job.


    The job of the journalist is always to support the current regime. Haven’t been around very long, have ye sonny boy?

  • colnago80

    Re Chihuahua @ #6

    Ah, you’re reaching.