Austin Miles Is An Idiot

Austin Miles Is An Idiot November 4, 2014

The Wrong Rev. Austin Miles is, quite frankly, a moron. Or he’s a liar. Take your pick. In his latest inane screed at Alan Keyes’ Renew America site, he says that Obama is going to cancel the 2016 elections as part of his plot to turn America into a Marxist dictatorship.

Here is the intent: If Obama’s scheme makes it through, there will be no further Presidential elections. This has been planned for a long, long time. One thing about the Communists, they are very patient as they quietly work toward the completion of a definitive goal ahead.

That goal, of course, is to see America turned into a Marxist Socialist Nation controlled by Communist Czars – and did you notice that the word “Czar” was never used in regards to government officer titles in the United States until Obama was placed on the throne? That term was only used in Communist Russia.

That last paragraph is like a perfect little microcosm of Miles’ ignorance. No, I didn’t notice that the word “czar” was never used in regards to a government officer because that’s bullshit. In fact, the term goes all the way back to the FDR administration. Nixon had two officials that were routinely referred to as czars and every president since then has as well. And no, that term was not used in “Communist Russia,” as the Russian revolution overthrew the czars. Czars were pre-communist leaders in Russia. This is what happens when you let a moron write columns.

The Communists are scheming for the Ferguson, Missouri incident to be the fuse that explodes into a national race riot. That is what Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are hoping to accomplish since this would put citizens at war with themselves in a new civil war while at the same time sapping the strength out of America, making her easier to control.

So how did the Communists manage to keep Obama’s birth certificate and university papers (which listed him as a “foreign student”) out of sight? As stated above, the Communists slowly managed to work their way into key positions in the U.S. Government, corporations, the schools, and even the churches. They were in a position to block any inquiries about Obama and to humiliate anyone who suggested that his paper work was flawed.

It is no secret that Obama’s sponsors and pushers were and are, The Communist Party USA (CPUSA). These days, what was once kept in secret, is now in the open. They have inserted themselves into every facet of American Life and can gang up on critics or questioners. They also control the media.

Imagine how deranged one would have to be to believe that CPUSA, a pathetic band of cold war leftovers numbering a few thousand at most, controls the media and the White House.

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