NOM Pushing Pro-Gay Democrat Over Gay Republican

NOM Pushing Pro-Gay Democrat Over Gay Republican November 4, 2014

I think the National Organization for Marriage has tipped its hand by endorsing a Democrat who is strongly supportive of LGBT equality over a Republican who actually is gay. That’s exactly what they’ve done in a Massachusetts race for the U.S. House of Representatives.

It’s not every day that the anti-same sex marriage National Organization for Marriage endorses a Democrat over a Republican, but that’s exactly what happened in the race between Democrat Seth Moulton and former Massachusetts Senate Minority Leader Richard Tisei, who is openly gay.

To be clear, Moulton (pictured), does not oppose gay marriage, as the Metro Weekly’s Justin Snow noted. Moulton, in response, rejected NOM’s endorsement.

“Seth Moulton fundamentally disagrees with everything NOM stands for and has long said that equality is the civil rights fight of our generation,” Moulton communications director Carrie Rankin told MetroWeekly…

Tisei is one of a number of openly gay Republicans NOM has targeted recently. Brian Brown, the president of NOM, has also encouraged supporters to back Moulton over Tisei. In a fundraising email he said that it’s better to support Moulton than to have a gay Republican in Congress who opposes “the values of marriage, family, and life” that is the core of the Republican Party’s platform.

So when it comes to voting, it doesn’t matter to them where a candidate stands on the issues, it only matters whether they’re straight or gay. The mere fact of being gay, in their view, makes someone unqualified to hold public office. But no, they’re not motivated by bigotry or anything.

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  • John Pieret

    Their official “reasoning” is:

    “The reason for this is that Moulton can’t do any damage as a Democrat in a House of Representatives controlled by Republicans, and we can work together to elect a true conservative in two years to replace him. But Richard Tisei serving as a supposed Republican in a House controlled by Republicans can do great damage, and could end up holding the seat for decades.”

    There’s no question that a single (or a few) gay Republicans will turn all the Republicans there into flaming gayhomos and soon the House will be voting for laws outlawing straight marriages altogether!

    Republican ick is worse than Democratic ick!

  • Alverant

    So a “true” conservative can’t be homosexual? Sounds like a Scotsman to me.

  • dhall

    It must have been awful having to make a choice like that.

  • I wonder whom they would endorse if there was a Democratic bisexual male running against a hawt Republican lesbian?

  • weatherwax

    Same here in So Cal. I got a call asking me to vote against the Republican candidate for the House of Representatives, Carl Demaio, because he supports marriage rights. He’s also gay, though the call didn’t mention that.

    I thought it was from Focus on the Family, but it just as easily have been National Organization for Marriage.

  • Po’, po’, NOM…… about between a rock and a hard place.

  • I don’t blame them for rejecting someone who associates themselves with the disgusting, deviant, and perverted Republican lifestyle.

  • M can help you with that.

    And in some of these cases, NOM will push against gay Republicans who would actually vote against marriage equality, employment non-discrimination, etc. Weatherwax mentions Carl Demaio — that guy’s a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Tea Party/Koch Industries, and will cook up Libertarian-flavored excuses for homophobic votes whenever his employers pull the string. His voting record would pretty much be exactly what NOM would ask for, despite his fake-centrist campaign; but the right-wing push for sexual purity outweighs all other considerations.