Jeffress Blames Satan for Non-Existent Christian Persecution

Jeffress Blames Satan for Non-Existent Christian Persecution November 5, 2014

Baptist megapreacher Robert Jeffress went on Bryan Fischer’s radio show on Monday and explained that the reason Christians are being “persecuted” in America is because Satan is trying to destroy Christianity. Really? I thought all that prayer stuff you believe in stops Satan dead in his tracks?

“There is a spiritual reason why Christianity is uniquely under attack like this,” he said, as he and Jackson both hoped that the controversy in Houston will wake Americans up to the fact that “spiritual warfare is very real.”

Jeffress admitted that the so-called “persecution” of Christians in America is nothing like what is experienced by Christians in other countries, but warned that this nation is still marching down the path toward that same sort of persecution happening here in the very near future.

“You start, first of all, by marginalizing Christians,” he said, “which Christians are increasingly being marginalized. And then you paint them as extremists, which is what is happening right now. And then once you’ve succeeded in turning the public’s attitude toward Christians as that of being extremists, then it’s okay to launch a persecution against them. And I believe that’s what’s happening right now and I believe we’re going to see it increasingly occur.”

Christians aren’t being marginalized, they’re just finally starting to lose their hammerlock over public policy. You can no longer impose your bigoted and vicious religious views on others. I’m sure that feels like persecution to you, but it isn’t. And Christians aren’t being painted as extremists, Christian extremists — like you — are being painted as extremists. Most Christians aren’t on your side.


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