Metaxas the Latest to Go Full Godwin

Metaxas the Latest to Go Full Godwin November 5, 2014

Eric Metaxas, a pseudo-intellectual blowhard if ever I’ve seen one, made a video to be shown in churches on “I Stand Sunday,” last weekend’s Christian right fear festival. In that video, he declared that America is going down the same path as Nazi Germany. Mr. Godwin, call your office.

Just as Bonhoeffer tried to get churches in Germany to link arms and fight Hitler, Metaxas said, so too must churches in America rally together to push back against the government’s increasing tyranny.

“The parallel today is simply that you have a government, a state, which is getting larger and larger and more and more powerful and it is beginning to push against the church,” he warned. “There’s a window of opportunity where we can fight. If we don’t wake up and fight before then, we won’t be able to fight. That’s just what happened in Germany and that’s the urgency we have in America now. And people think that’s incendiary or I’m being hyperbolic. I’m sorry, I wish, I wish, I wish I were. I’m not.”

I agree, he’s not being hyperbolic. This goes far beyond hyperbole. Hyperbole means exaggeration, but there isn’t even a kernel of truth here to be exaggerated. Anyone who believes that the government of the United States is anti-Christian and that means it’s like Nazi Germany is simply delusional.


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