Perkins’ Bizarre Argument on Religious Liberty

Perkins’ Bizarre Argument on Religious Liberty November 5, 2014

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council made a highly convoluted argument at the “I Stand Sunday” event this past weekend, arguing that if we don’t allow Christians to discriminate against gay people, this feeds anti-Christian persecution in other countries.

“There is a connection between the growing hostility toward biblical Christianity here at home and persecution abroad,” he said. “And the reason is very simple: if the policies of our own government toward Christians in America is intolerant, the message that that is sending to despots and to dictators in far-away places is that religious freedom is no longer a priority or even a concern for America.”

By standing up for anti-gay Christians who seek to deny equal rights to gays in America under the guise of religious liberty, Perkins said, “you will give hope to far-away places around the world.”

“It’s time that we stand once again for religious freedom here in America and give the world hope,” he said.

He conveniently fails to mention the fact that nearly all of the persecution of Christians around the world is committed by Muslim countries that completely agree with him on both the need to discriminate against gay people and the religious justification for doing so. And don’t we usually hear people like Perkins claim that America’s embrace of equality for gay people is what is inflaming the Muslim hordes to hate us? Ah hell, whatever works at any given time, amirite?

He also fails to mention that we have been forbidding Christians from discriminating against women and black people for half a century now.


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  • Artor

    Liars gotta lie. Grifters gotta grift. Fundies gotta fund. Nothing new here.

  • The World looks to America as a Moral Leader. And also they hate everything we stand for.

  • dugglebogey

    I don’t understand how someone can believe the government is anti-christian when almost every single person elected to government is a christian. The number of non-christians elected is statistically insignificant.

  • Nothing new here. “We can’t persecute people, therefore we are being persecuted.” Whining about loss of privilege is the default state for these people.

  • Ethan Myerson

    Paraphrasing Jon Stewart: This country is blatantly anti-Christian. Christians look forward to the day when they can finally be accepted, and maybe someday a brave Christian can even aspire to the presidency. Or even 44 consecutive presidencies.

  • John Pieret

    anti-gay Christians

    Ya see … those 44 consecutive presidents and all those Congress-critters just ain’t the same thing as “Biblical-Christians” … and haven’t been since they started forgiving the “Curse of Ham”!

  • theguy

    By this logic, we’d allow Whitekins to discriminate against blacks, (just like his friends who he gave a shit-ton of money to) so that other countries’ white people have “hope” or whatever that bullshit’s going on about.

    Funny how religious freedom doesn’t extend to pro-gay groups (religious or not) who the Fuckin’ Ridiculous Council wants the Ugandan government to censor.

  • lorn

    It is okay to laugh but before you dismiss Perkins and the FRC as irrelevant you might contemplate the simple fact Perkins and the FRC have the better ear of the current congress and senate. They have far, far more influence over the congress than you will ever have if you can’t wrap a note to your congressman around a check for $20,000.

    It will also serve to remember that 60 years of labor progress and laws have been reversed by 20 years of concerted conservative action. Don’t for a second fool yourself into thinking that 20 years of gay, or 50 years of civil rights could not be reversed in a very few years of Republican rule if they come at them with a coordinated media, propaganda, character assassination, and political campaign. You pride yourselves on accomplishing great things but it is all a house of cards easily swept from the table.