Michael Savage’s Weird Historical Ramblings

Michael Savage’s Weird Historical Ramblings November 6, 2014

Michael Savage is out promoting his new book about the “coming civil war” — the one he’s working hard to encourage, of course — and he had some really weird ramblings about history in an appearance on an American Family Association radio show.

“We all know that the day of the masses believing that President Obama was discovered floating in a papyrus basket on the shores of Lake Michigan in the reeds is over, they no longer believes he was found floating in a papyrus basket and he was sent here to part the Red Sea for us. In fact, many have seen that he has actually created a Red Sea around us, and I don’t mean ‘red Republican and blue Democrat,’ I mean red communist,” he said. “There’s no question in my mind that this is the most totalitarian regime in American history.”

Oh yes, of course. Remember when Obama nationalized all of the banks and private corporations? Remember when he seized all the income and property of rich people and mandated that everyone make the same income? Yeah, I don’t either. Like most right wingers, Savage has no idea what communism actually means. All he knows is that it sounds scary and that helps sell books to his ignorant and paranoid audience.

Later in the program, Savage said that America is no longer following the Bible, which he claimed “is the basis of our U.S. Constitution,” and now “we may as well be living in Sodom and Gomorrah. The Weimar Republic was mild compared to what this country has become.”

Wait, what? The Weimar Republic? That was the short-lived liberal democratic government between the imperial German government of WW1 and the Nazi regime that sparked WW2. It was a relatively weak government with its share of problems, but what on earth could that possibly have to do with Sodom and Gomorrah? This is quite literally gibberish — not that the audience of that radio show could possibly know or care.

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