Neo-Nazis: We’re Totally Different From the KKK

Neo-Nazis: We’re Totally Different From the KKK November 6, 2014

In what one might describe as racist asshole on racist asshole crime, a neo-Nazi group and a KKK group are planning competing anti-immigration rallies in Texas (of course) and the neo-Nazis want you to know that they’re nothing like those jerks in the KKK.

The Michigan-based National Socialist Movement is planning a “show of force” against illegal immigration Saturday afternoon at the Rockwall County Courthouse, in suburban Dallas – where city officials have decided not to enforce permit rules.

“We have everything from illegal alien gangs, to violent druglords, and even mystery illnesses crossing over America’s southern border from Mexico,” the neo-Nazi group says. “Our rally will be a show-of-force. The good people of mainstream and middle America will not tolerate this rampant injustice anymore.”

A Ku Klux Klan group plans a separate rally for noon Saturday in Nacogdoches, a couple of hours east, giving truly dedicated anti-immigration activists time to attend both.

The Texas Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, based in Hunt County, are rallying against all “mass” immigration, whether it’s legal or illegal.

“Honorable native-born white American men and women” must “keep America American,” the Klan group said in its flier.

The neo-Nazis plan to leave the courthouse in Rockwall for a private ranch for a barbecue and swastika-burning, while the Klan klavern intends burn a cross after their demonstration…

“Hmph! Well, they’re not anything like us,” National Socialist leader Jeff Schoep told columnist Bud Kennedy. “We’re both pro-white, but our politics are very different.”

Schoep claims the National Socialist group is political, while the Klan promotes religion.

Well there you have it. One group is made up of religious fascists, the other of non-religious fascists. And keeping them straight is apparently very important.

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