Wiles: Obama Might Create Zombie Cannibals

Wiles: Obama Might Create Zombie Cannibals November 6, 2014

Wingnut conspiracy theorist and Christian fascist extraordinaire Rick Wiles has a new dystopic delusion. He thinks the government may be working on creating an army of zombie cannibals. I’m sure it’s all part of their plot to destroy Christianity and put god in Gitmo, or something.

End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles has been sounding the alarm about municipal “zombie apocalypse” emergency preparedness drills, which he believes are a warning that the government is planning something big…like mass executions.

On his program yesterday, Wiles presented a new possible explanation for these zombie drills: that the government could be working to splice together viruses to make people “literally go insane” like the man in Florida who ate another man’s face. This is all, of course, a sign that the Last Days are upon us, according to Wiles.

Imagine living in the world that Wiles imagines himself to be living in. It must be absolutely terrifying.

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