Beck Suddenly Concerned About Low Gas Prices

Beck Suddenly Concerned About Low Gas Prices November 7, 2014

You gotta hand it to Glenn Beck. First he argues repeatedly that Obama is deliberately trying to raise gas prices as part of his plan to “collapse the system” to impose his environmental dictatorship. Here’s just a small sample of that inane ranting and raving:

Glenn also noted that he is asking for more “tools”, a comment that will get overlooked with inflated, self-congratulatory grade Chu gave himself.

“He wants more tools. So when it gets worse and worse and worse, he’s going to be pushing for more tools. Look, I can help control the cost of gasoline. You just have to give me the tools to do it. You need price controls, I need rationing, I need whatever it is I need, but I need more tools to be able to effect that,” Glenn explained.

Wow, that sounds scary.

Couple that with Obama’s comments about how we “can’t drive our SUVs and, you know, eat as much as we want and keep our homes on, you know, 72 degrees at all times whether we’re living in a desert or we’re living in the tundra”.

As Pat put it, the administration is trying to change our behavior and will nudge and push and eventually force us to do so.

“You change America. You change it by the behavior but you also are ‑‑ you’re radically changing everything we’ve ever believed. You’re changing us on what we can accomplish. If they get gasoline to be $5 and $6 a gallon, first of all, any time, any time you’ve had a spike in oil prices and a spike in gasoline, you have a recession or a depression because the market is not ‑ how are we built as a nation? How were we built? We were built with cheap energy. The reason why we could do things that others couldn’t is because we always had cheap energy. So the entire system is built around that. So once you have $5, $6 a gallon gasoline, the system no longer works. This is a ‘collapse the system’ strategy. It’s Cloward and Piven through energy, period,” Glenn said.

OMG! High gas prices are an attempt to collapse the system and destroy capitalism! Cheap energy is the reason for America’s greatness. Fast forward to this week as gas prices have fallen to a four year low:

While high gas prices were a dire threat to America, according to Beck, so too apparently are low gas prices, as he is now warning that “this is actually not good for the United States of America” because lower oil prices will lead to destabilization in places like Saudi Arabia and Russia, which will lead to war.

“When you destabilize the world even more, it causes more problems,” Beck said, “and they will do what they have to do boost the prices around the world. We’re not far from war as it is and the economy is in real trouble here. When you have people like Saudi Arabia, unscrupulous, and Russia, totally unscrupulous, and they want their money, they’ll get it.”

Gosh, it’s almost like Glenn Beck just pushes fear and paranoia no matter what the reality is, doesn’t it?


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  • tbp1

    I know I’m not the first person to point this out, but it seems like there is literally nothing the President can say or do, no matter how innocuous, that the wingnuts won’t find an evil purpose in. If he were to suddenly embrace the entire Republican agenda tomorrow, they would instantly repudiate everything they have been advocating for decades, because if Obama is for it, they are honor-bound to be against it. I’m not sure even Gollum hated Frodo more than they hate the President.

  • John Pieret

    The high and low gas prices happened during Obama’s presidency, didn’t they? By definition, they are, therefore, bad!

  • Does Beck or his fellow idiots have any clue that the President doesn’t set oil prices, they’re determined by global supply and demand? Why do they hate the free market?

  • Look, low gas prices are bad because they create instability, which leads to war, which leads to high gas prices, which are bad.

    And, no, we Conservatives won’t savage “our” “president” no matter what gas prices are; all Nobama needs to do to get our support is achieve the Platonic IdealGas Price, which pretty much by definition is impossible to do.(*1)


    *1. This comment provided by a self-described “Thinking Independent Libertarian Constitutional Conservative”, who distances himself from the policies and politicians of the Christian Right-slash-Reactionary-slash-Bircher Base of the GOP, but somehow ends up supporting all of their policies(*2) and politicians(*3) anyway.

    *2. Look, I’m not for banning abortion. That’s a ridiculous and false smear. What I am is for giving women the choice not to be able to have one.

    *3. Now that Bachmann’s not running, she sure is out there, right? What her district needs is a good, moderate candidate to replace her, like a Minnesotan Louis Gohmert or Joni Earst.

  • eric

    Geez, I figured he could get at least one week of relevant journalistic material out of the elections. But no, the ranting resumes after two days.

  • Tracy

    And people who bought gold because of Glenn Beck’s constant advertisements/warnings? They have been severely beaten in recent months as gold has plunged. Listening to Glenn Beck for economic advice is like listening to Newt Gingrich for marital advice.

  • felidae

    If you can get 300,000* suckers to give you twenty bucks a month, why go with rationality when paranoia and ignorance sells so well–Beck grosses over 80 million a year, so who wouldn’t be tempted to do the same if one could pull it off

    *Oh by the way, that is .001% of the population

  • Hoosier X

    “Geez, I figured he could get at least one week of relevant journalistic material out of the elections”

    Wherever did you get that strange notion!?

  • Tracy “Listening to Glenn Beck for economic advice is like listening to Newt Gingrich for marital advice.”

    Sure, but I don’t see howt Beck being as good at making money as Newt is at having marriages does anything but refute your own argument.

  • Tracy

    Modusoperandi, I didn’t say Beck was bad at making money. His listeners who bought gold thinking it was a prudent investment were the losers. The same is true with Newt’s marriage advice (given that he is not great at monogamy or being a decent human).

  • Tracy, Beck’s advice is great. Sure, all the coins I bought from his sponsors are “a bad investment” and “virtually worthless”, but after the Great Coming Collapse I’ll be the richest man in Starvington! Then you’ll see!

    And Newt’s advice, “Wife sick, trade up. [To save time, unofficially trade up before wife sick]” is pretty solid, and has never done me wrong. Well, except for all the alimony. Apparently colds aren’t fatal. And I’m pretty sure my current wife is poisoning me. But, other than those problems, it all worked out fine. Oh, and wife 3 ran me over with the car. A bunch of times.

  • Childermass

    Saudi Arabia has been intentionally driving the price of oil down. There has been speculation that they are trying to hurt shale-oil producers. Some have also claimed they are trying to hurt Iran which has a far less ability to take the loss of income.

  • lorn

    While it is true that wingnut will not approve, or continence, anything Obama does Beck does, rare as it may be, have a point. Cheap energy has allowed us to do a lot of things not allowed other nations. But it is also true that precipitous drops in price are potentially damaging.

    Any big change in price shifts things in not entirely obvious ways. Energy get cheap and people buy bigger cars, stop inventing in energy efficient houses and improvements. Russia and Iran are going to start hurting and while economic pain can cause a moderating of policy it can also lead to the emergence of hard-right and fascistic political leaders. Lower energy prices can also cause wells to be shut down and exploration and exploitation to stop. Which can cause a shortage that causes prices to spike. Too much can easily slide into too little and everyone pays through the nose as the market is whipsawed.

    Incremental changes are easier on everyone and far more efficient.

    It isn’t often that Beck makes sense but when he does it might be better to celebrate his sobriety instead of automatically assuming he is, as usual, howling at the moon.

  • gog

    @Felidae: It’s 1/1000 of the population. One per mil. That’s one tenth of one percent, not one one thousandth of one percent. Your point remains valid, I just wanted to correct your numeracy.

  • It isn’t often that Beck makes sense but when he does it might be better to celebrate his sobriety instead of automatically assuming he is, as usual, howling at the moon.

    I saw absolutely nothing “sober” in this latest raving of his. So what if, in the midst of yet another round of unhinged bullshit, he just happened to acknowledge something anyone else could have figured out? Should we give him a cookie for understanding that water is wet?

  • And besides, lorn, Saudi Arabian oil has the LOWEST extraction cost. As Childermass already noted, they’d be LEAST hurt by a drop in oil prices.

  • lorn

    Raging Bee @ #16:

    It isn’t just that Saudi Arabia has lower production costs, it is also reported to have 800 Billion in US Dollars in cash to fall back on. Ten times that if leveraged. Not only can it keep profitably producing at a lower price point, it can go a long time without showing any profit at all. Unlikely they would do it, the Arabians quite enjoy the power that having huge amounts of reserve on hand, people kiss their asses on the vague hope some of the crumbs will fall on their side of the table, but they could just give their oil away and drive the price down to pre-1972 levels for a time. It probably would take all of that.

    Russia and Iran economies would shut down. Epic suffering, with people starving on the streets. The paramilitary and oligarchs would be the only game still showing profits because they are set up to make profits through the sales of arms, drugs, women, children, anything , anything at all if the price is right. The combination of deep suffering and corruption is a breeding ground for super villains worthy of comic books. The example that comes to mind is the present leader of ISIS.

  • I’m skeptical that the Saudis are driving down prices by jacking up production, because the general consensus is that they’ve been up against the limits of their productivity for a while and don’t have much, if any, spare capacity. But no one knows for sure because they’re notoriously opaque about their oil industry. They prefer we not know.

    The current fall in prices is most likely due to fears of a demand drop-off caused by bad economic conditions in China and Europe. My guess is that the price drop is very temporary. Supply constraints are such that all it takes is one mid-level oil producing country to have some sort of unrest (it has happened!) or an uptick in demand to cause prices to spike. We have been for the last ten years, and this will continue for the foreseeable future, to be in serious danger of supply shocks. The new unconventional sources (tight oil, tar sands, deep water, etc.) are so expensive to produce that it effectively puts a price floor on oil. Once it drops to roughly $60 a barrel, a lot of production will stop because it ceases to be profitable.

    The funny thing is, the solution to all of this, regardless of what’s causing it or what the problem du jour happens to be, is to stop being dependent on oil. Once we increase demand elasticity by providing readily available alternatives, who cares what the price is? No one freaks out if the price of pinto beans increases 5-fold, because we can just eat other beans. Or no beans. But we can’t just not use oil. The goal of energy policy should be to make it so we can shrug if oil prices spike, but instead, the goal has been to give the oil companies whatever they want, like infinite drilling rights and gutted environmental regulations, which solves nothing other than the problem of their owners not being rich enough.

  • lorn

    Irony is that of all the useful things you can do with oil, burning it for energy is likely the least useful. There is simply no easy or practicable alternative to petroleum oil for lubricants, pharmaceuticals, many plastics, and chemical production. You can use solar, wind, tidal power, nuclear and a variety of lesser sources for energy but you can’t use any of those to make sealants, paint, or lubricating oil. Long after mankind has perfected the next generation energy source, fusion or whatever, we will still be needing grease, oil, and paint.

    Reports of oil reserves are all over the place. Not simply because people lie, there is no point to being honest because exaggerating boosts your stock price, but also because it is a sliding scale. The result is a matter of how much time and money you are willing to spend to get it. A friend’s family live up in Pennsylvania and they have what remains of one of the first wells drilled on their property. The well only produces a few barrels a month but it is light-sweet crude and, after they collect a couple of thousand gallons, it is easy to sell with the small but steady profit getting his family through hard times for over 100 years.

    The other irony is that the Keystone pipeline, if it is built anytime soon, may end up driving oil prices down in a market where the price is already depressed. That is one of the paradoxical aspects of free markets. Prices often tank just before they skyrocket.