Glenn Beck is Going to Act Again

Glenn Beck is Going to Act Again November 8, 2014

Fresh on the heels of the smashing success of his man on the moon show last year, which set a standard for wingnut drama that is the envy of high school theater programs everywhere, Glenn Beck is now going to dress up as a 90 year old man from the future to tell people the story of how religious freedom died in 2014 and the country is now an atheist hellhole.

As Beck explained, he’ll be made up to appear as a decrepit and disheveled ninety-year-old man who lives alone in an abandoned warehouse in post-apocalyptic wasteland in which religion has been outlawed. Secreted away among his belongings, Beck revealed, will be a tattered copy of the Bible, which is now contraband and which merely possessing is enough to get him killed.

And it all began, future Beck will warn, when city officials in Houston, Texas, issued subpoenas to five local pastors in response to a lawsuit filed by anti-gay activists in an effort to overturn the city’s nondiscrimination ordinance in 2014.

He will then complain that he was robbed of an Oscar by those liberal Jews who run Hollywood.


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