League of the South Congratulates Peroutka

League of the South Congratulates Peroutka November 9, 2014

Christian Reconstructionist and unreconstructed racist Michael Peroutka won his seat on the Anne Arundel County Council on Tuesday and the organization he resigned from our of political convenience, the neo-Confederate League of the South, was quick to congratulate him for it.

Our congratulations go out to our friend Michael Peroutka, who won a seat on the Anne Arundel (Maryland) county council. Michael has been a friend and supporter of The League for many years.

Earlier this year he came under heavy attack by the left for his association with us. We congratulate him for forging ahead, despite the criticism, and winning this election. May God give him courage to persevere in this new post to which he has been called.–Michael Hill

Bear in mind that the highly dishonest reason Peroutka gave for resigning from the League of the South was that he “discovered” (wink, wink) that they were racists who opposed interracial marriage. But Michael Hill, his self-declared friend, gave a speech about how vile and horrible interracial marriage is at a conference at which Peroutka led attendees in a group singalong of Dixie.

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  • D. C. Sessions

    The people who voted for him don’t mind as long as he gives them an excuse. The white sheets are OK as long as he tells them his calendar is running slow and thought it was still October.

  • John Pieret

    It will be interesting (and telling) how the people of Anne Arundel County react as his real views start coming out. Local elections often don’t turn on the real views of the candidates because the voters don’t focus on them and vote party lines (I’m guilty of it too). But you know this asshole won’t be able to keep from displaying his actual beliefs.

  • suttkus

    Party affiliation isn’t put on the ballot for local elections here in Florida. Presumably, this is to keep you from voting the party line and actually voting based on positions. The problem is, I don’t have a clue how to do that. You certainly can’t do it by researching the candidate’s opinions, because most of them can’t be bothered putting up a website to express their opinions, and those that do say only the most generic things. “I’m for improving stuff! Vote for me because my opponent doesn’t have a plan to improve stuff, but I totally do! My plan is so planny! I totally have a real plan. She’s Canadian.” And I have to vote for this guy or the guy who says nothing at all.

  • freethinkercro

    @John Pieret: The people of my district should know well Mr Peroutka’s stances on most issues. The local paper (The Capital) has prominently featured his stances, beliefs, affiliations, and electoral strategies. I was optimistic. I figured that most in this fairly affluent area were fiscal conservatives and social liberals and I had seen many signs for his opponent (Patrick Armstrong) in yards with signs for other Republican candidates. So I figured that reasonable Republicans would turn out in enough numbers to overcome the normal Republican advantage. I was wrong.

  • John Pieret


    My condolences!

    He’s bound to step in it sometime in a big way. Any chance of a recall or will you have to wait until 2016, when voter turnout will be better?

  • busterggi

    The real problem is that he does represent his voters.

  • freethinkercro

    2018. Council members serve four-year terms and Anne Arundel County does not have a recall provision.

  • D. C. Sessions

    It tells you a lot about a State/County/City when they have four-year terms with elections in either off-years or (as some do) odd-numbered years. Mostly that they really, really, really don’t want some portion of the electorate to vote at all.

  • John Pieret

    And, of course, Right Wing Watch is reporting:

    [W]e and other outlets used the term “neo-Confederate” to describe Peroutka’s ideology, including his apparent support for Southern secession. In an interview on the anti-government radio show Liberty Roundtable shortly after the election [Peroutka stated] that he doesn’t even know what “neo-Confederate” means. “It’s interesting how they create these terms and we don’t even know what they mean,” Bushman said. “Look, a Confederate, if you want to talk about ‘southern pride’ so to speak, or whatever, would be that you’re against the federal government and the violation of states’ rights, if you understand kind of the idea behind it. But a neo-Confederate? That would be kind of like you’re a fake Confederate or a wannabe Confederate.”

    “If anything, I want to be just a true Confederate,” Peroutka replied.

    He added that it is just a “code word” that’s “meant to stir up hatred against us.” Groups like Right Wing Watch, Peroutka added, think “Michael Peroutka’s a threat because he believes what Jefferson and Adams and Washington believed.”