Christian Radio Host Threatens to Sue His Own Daughters

Christian Radio Host Threatens to Sue His Own Daughters November 12, 2014

Vic Eliason is the host and owner of the radio show Crosstalk on VCY America, a chain of Christian radio stations. His daughter Ingrid used to work for him, but she left in 2011 and said “the mafia crime families have nothing on ‘Christian ministry.’” Now Vic is threatening to sue her and another daughter for some unspecified defamation.

My sister called tonight and asked if I’d checked the mail. I hadn’t. Vic Eliason, our father, is threatening to sue us for attempting to get this shameful situation into biblical mediation with Peacemakers. He is characterizing all we have spoken, the truth, as defamation.

Go ahead and sue us, daddy. Tom and Russ who already both work two jobs to make ends meet can work even harder because of your evil pride. You can sue us for our old couch with holes in it, our old cars we try to keep running, and you can have our medical bills we are currently making payments on. Tom’s been trying to sell a car to make our house taxes this year. You can take your granddaughter, Emmy’s bed if you have to. Or maybe her toys? You could sue for her dolls, I suppose.

But don’t let that stop you, Vic. Go ahead and sue Lisa and Russ who are trying to help two kids, your grandchildren, in college simultaneously with two still at home while you took Russ’s job away. You can take their little ranch house, you can take their well-used cars as well and continue driving your late model, company paid for Suburban.

I was in broadcasting for 24 years and understand libel and slander. Never once in those years was I sued for making false statements about anything. I could back up what I claimed. Likewise, we can back up what we have claimed about Vic’s sinful and wicked behavior towards his own children and grandchildren.

She reprints the one-page letter she received, which contains nothing specific about what this “defamation” of Eliason’s “character and reputation” might be. In fact, it only refers to someone else having threatened to make public things Ingrid said in private. Eliason = scumbag.

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