Louisiana School Board Candidate Spews Hatred, Bigotry

Louisiana School Board Candidate Spews Hatred, Bigotry November 13, 2014

A candidate for the Lafayette Parish School Board in Louisiana, who faces a runoff election soon, has closed down his Facebook page after the local media reported on his habit of spewing all manner of hatred, bigotry and stupidity on it. But he’s not backing down from anything he said:

District 1 Lafayette Parish School Board candidate “Coach Don” Gagnard has been pretty active on Facebook over the past several months, and he’s raised at least a few eyebrows with some of his comments.

A scroll down Gagnard’s Facebook page shows posts by the candidate, who is in a District 1 LPSB runoff election against Mary Morrison, where he writes about hating “faggots, bums, illegal aliens, Veterans mistreatment and most of all: OUR HITLER PRESIDENT …”

In his June 27 post to Facebook, Gagnard says that “others have to pay for the idiots because they are too lazy to do something for themselves except pass the blame on white people …”


He also calls for President Obama to “go away and bring your urangutan (sp) with you.”

Gagnard tells KATC that he did make those comments on Facebook, noting that “I always post what I think is right and in my heart.”

Asked if he hates faggots, bums and illegal aliens, Gagnard says yes.

But he’s not a bigot. Just ask him.

When asked about his post in which he self-identifies as a racist, Gagnard says that “coaches are not racists.”

“I’ve bailed black people out of jail and bought them trucks,” he said. “If you call me a racist, that’s going to flip back on you. But the faggot thing, yea, you can stick with that.”

I bet he even lets them use his bathroom.

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  • mikeym

    Does he think orangutans are native to Africa?

  • Moon Jaguar

    You can tell he’s a man of integrity — he’s sticking with the faggot thing.

  • Chiroptera

    “I’ve bailed black people out of jail and bought them trucks,” he said.

    Wait, what? I’m assuming that these black people are not his children (but what do I know?), so why would he be buying a truck for anyone? This isn’t part of his “duties” as a coach is it? ‘Cause I’d think there would be legal and ethical issues with that. Or is he buying trucks for the people he bailed out of jail…so they can leave town and skip bail?

  • John Pieret

    Great! First “Coach Dave” and now “Coach Don” … is this going to be a bigot trend?

    I always post what I think is right and in my heart.

    Well, at least he knows what he needs to fix.

  • @1

    I would think it’s a “primate* = Africa”. But it also shows the idea of other races being sub-human. Which is funny (not ha-ha funny) as that kind of assumes evolution (an incorrect version thereof) which I wonder if he believes in.

  • pixiedust

    Um, I think the orangutan comment meant the First Lady.