Mikey Gets Email

Mikey Gets Email November 13, 2014

Another astonishingly bigoted and misogynist email sent to Mikey Weinstein by someone who saw a billboard advertising his wife’s book:

> From: thad&barby@glendaleguy4christ

> Subject: She’d have to pay me

> Date: November 12, 2014 at 6:26:46 PM MST

> To: Mikey Weinstein


> hey hey hey! On that billboard today. Hello skank whore wife of Kikey Whinestien the Jesus hater. What a crybaby. oh boo hoo hoo for the jews? Same little fuckers who sent THE ONLY Lord to the Cross. Ok she was pretty hot for a she-jew. I’d fuck her. But only if she paid me 1st to do her. start with anal. No checks just cash. Or you’re kikey head on a platter.

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