Shocker: Bryan Fischer is Clueless About Net Neutrality

Shocker: Bryan Fischer is Clueless About Net Neutrality November 14, 2014

President Obama has come out in favor of net neutrality, so naturally the right wing must come out against it (he really should come out in favor of breathing to see them all hold their breath until they turn blue). But like Ted Cruz, Bryan Fischer has absolutely no idea what net neutrality actually is:

Fischer’s opposition to net neutrality seems rooted in a complete lack of understanding about what net neutrality actually is, since he falsely insists that preserving the principle of an open internet would prevent service providers from offering plans with different internet speeds.

Charging different prices for different internet speeds is already a common practice, obviously, but Fischer laughably claims that net neutrality — which is the standard that is currently in place — would outlaw this practice.

“We can’t let internet providers give people who are willing to pay more money faster speeds on the internet,” Fischer said, paraphrasing his misunderstanding of net neutrality. “We can’t charge people less if they’re willing to accept slower speeds on the internet.”

Uh, yeah. Except that has nothing to do with net neutrality. ISPs can and do charge higher prices for faster internet speeds. What net neutrality prevents them from doing is extorting content providers like Netflix and Youtube by slowing down all of their customers’ access to their sites specifically. This is the way the internet has always operated, with all ISPs providing pass-through to all content without throttling it.


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