MRA: Women in the Workplace Undermines ‘Excellence’

MRA: Women in the Workplace Undermines ‘Excellence’ November 17, 2014

Paul Elam, the grand poobah of the He-man Woman Hater’s Club known as the Men’s Rights Movement, says that women should get the hell out of the workplace and take their vaginas back home because they’re destroying that man’s domain, where he produces “excellence.”

“There’s just a different way that men do things with each other,” he said, “and it results in excellence. In civilization. In the aqueducts being built. To people landing on the moon and cures being found to disease.”

Elam offered as an example of such excellence what happens at a construction site when some “newbie comes in and accidentally pulls the trigger on the nail gun and plants one in his leg. They’re not going to rush around him crying, they’ll say, ‘That’ll teach his ass. When he comes back to the job, he won’t do that again.’ But they will get him medical care.”

“I’m sorry, ladies,” he continued, “but if we want society to advance, we need to leave men alone to do their work — to do their thing and be with each other to get things done. Because that’s how it works.”…

“‘Hi!’” Elam interjected, pretending to be a woman, “‘I have a vagina and a whole new set of rules! Never mind what’s worked for thousands of years, because I’m female and I know how to make 9,000 people work together to build a bridge across two miles of river!’”

Apparently among those “men’s rights” they claim to be defending is the right to not be around women except when they want a blowjob or something. Other than that, keep your feminine vaginas out of the way so they can cure diseases and stuff.


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  • “There’s just a different way that men do things with each other”

    So he’s gay?

  • So we just leave out the advances made by women to keep this point valid? We pretend Francis and Crick didn’t need their feminine cohort? We pretend that men are responsible for cataloging all the types of stars? We ignore Hypatia? We ignore the rise to power England enjoyed under Elizabeth I? That’s a whole lot of lies to float his claim on. I guess MRAs are even better at ignorance?

    Know what? I feel just fine about being a man. I don’t need to ignore or belittle the achievements of women to feel like I matter.

  • cptdoom

    @2 Donovan – Let’s not forget Marie Curie’s discoveries, Eleanor Roosevelt’s achievements, the women who worked tirelessly to decode Enigma messages during WWII (and kept their mouths shut for decades afterwards, never looking for the credit they were due) and all the Rosie’s who riveted the machines that brought victory to the democracies in that conflict.

    I work in healthcare, which is a heavily female industry, and have reported to both women and men in the last 25 years. Maybe it’s because I’m gay, but I would much prefer reporting to a woman, because the ego is typically a lot smaller and easier to work with.

  • Kevin Kehres

    @2 Her name was Rosalind Franklin. She should have and would have shared Watson and Crick’s Nobel Prize but for the fact that she died prior to the award being given to them.

    Without her contributions (X-ray crystallography), what Watson and Crick proposed would have been just an educated guess. Like Pauling’s.

  • ffakr

    9000 people to build a bridge across two miles of river?

    I’ve crossed some wide rivers.. but a two mile crossing? And 9000 workers? I’ve seen bridge construction and I’ve never seen more than a hundred or two people on site.

    I suspect if the engineers and contractors come to you with a plan to hire 9000 people to build a 2 mile bridge over your river.. you might want to hire a woman to go over the numbers. Otherwise, you might be hiring 5 generations of the contractors deceases family.. and you might get a bridge that runs parallel down the river.. not across it.

  • Kevin Kehres

    BTW: what is the guy’s real name? Elam = male spelled backwards. Kinda of a dead give-away that anything he says is going to be backwards, isn’t it?

  • I know Franklin’s name. I’m a biologist. My point was to emphasize how she was (and often still is) unnamed when discussing the structure of DNA and when she’s mentioned at all, she’s most often treated as the silly girl in the lab next door playing with pretty pictures.

  • John Pieret

    It is amazing how many men are afraid of women … I, for one, like to be around them … I even talk to them. I guess I’m a wimp because I’m not scared of them.

  • colnago80

    Re Kevin Kehres @ #4

    If Franklin had lived, in order to award her a Nobel Prize for her contribution to the structure of DNA, (note that Maurice Wilkins shared the prize with Watson and Crick), the committee would either have to leave out one of those three (the rules state that no more then 3 may share an award) or they would have had to award her the prize in chemistry (Larry Moran has suggested that Wilkins and Franklin might have shared the chemistry award with the other two sharing the medicine/physiology award). Actually, the chemistry award would probably have been more appropriate for her as her contribution was really in the field of chemistry. AFAIK, such a scenario is not in violation of the rules.

    There are examples of awards where women have been given the short stick, namely Lise Meitner who should have shared the physics award with Otto Hahn and Chien-Shiung Wu who should have shared the physics award with Lee and Yang.

  • colnago80

    Re Donovan @ #7

    One of the reasons that Franklin is not given proper credit is because Watson downplayed her contribution in his book.

  • matty1

    @5 A quick google turned up lots of bridges more than two miles long though not all on rivers to pick an example at random the Mahatma Gandhi Setu bridge on the Ganges is around 3.4 miles long. As for the number of workers, it may be an overestimate but if you count everyone associated with the project from the site caterers to the contractors accountant maybe not.

    In short you can come up with better criticisms of him that this.

  • hunter

    re: cptdoom @3: I’ve also reported to women as often as men in 25 years in arts administration, perhaps more often; it probably is a function of ego, but I found the women much more willing to work with you (I tended to be in positions with a lot of responsibility), and more willing to listen to the people who were actually doing the nuts and bolts.

    As for this Elam joker, he should study some anthropology — like the part about early societies of the hunter-forager cast, where the men went out hunting, with much ceremony and posturing — you know, men working together the way they do — and might or might not bring home game which, because of the social and kinship obligations involved, didn’t necessarily feed his own family. Meanwhile, the women, the lowly foragers, were actually feeding the family on a day-to-day basis.

    And has it occurred to him that the American effort in WW II would have been crippled without Rosie the Riveter? (My own mother spent most of the war building radios for airplanes.)

    Or, short response: He’s an idiot.

  • Scr… Archivist

    Shorter Elam: “Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.”

  • eric

    Regarding people landing on the moon and women astronauts, we should’ve had one back in the ’60s. Jerry Cobb qualified. The only thing holding her back was sexism.

  • caseloweraz

    Yeah, Kevin Kehres (#6). And if you rearrange the letters another way, it spells “lame.”

    Lame, in this context, is ignoring Valentina Tereshkova and Sally Ride and Eileen Collins and Mae Jemison and Liu Yang and Christa Corrigan McAuliffe and Judith Arlene Resnik, to mention only a few of the 58 (so far) female astronauts.

    Also Jerrie Cobb. Also Amelia Earhart. Also Lydia Litvyak and Sahiba Goekcen and Baroness Raymonde de Laroche and Bessica Raiche and AE and Jacqueline Cochran and Willa Brown and Emily Howell Warner and Beverly Burns and Lynn Rippelmeyer and Opal Kuz and Jeanna Yeager and Mary Barr and Sally Murphy and…

    Lame, in short, is being ignorant of the innumerable achievements of women in all fields, not just glamorous ones like flying.

  • caseloweraz

    Indeed, Eric (#14). In fact, Jerrie Cobb was one of 13 women (though arguably the best qualified) who should have been accepted back then. Today they are known as the Mercury 13.

  • fmitchell

    Hi! I have a vagina and an engineering degree and a whole new set of rules!

    Hi! I have a vagina and calculations of stress and shear forces and a whole new set of rules!

    Hi! I have a vagina and the secret of smelting iron and a whole new set of rules!

    Hi! I have a vagina and concrete and a whole new set of rules!

    Hi! I have a vagina and ropes and levers and a whole new set of rules!

    No, let’s go back to the halcyon days when it took 9000 people to build a bridge, and at least half of them died before the end.

  • lordshipmayhem

    Paul Elam, man’s domain, where he produces “excellence.”

    In Paul’s case, for definitions of “excellence” that include “bovine scatology”.

  • To be fair, he’s got a point. Us Men were building a bridge this one time, and a lady engineer somehow got hired. Next thing we knew she’d shifted the construction materials from steel to emotions. And that bridge grew up to be Galloping Gertie. True story.

  • caseloweraz

    “There’s just a different way that men do things with each other,” he said, “and it results in excellence.”

    Indeed there is. Sometimes it does result in excellence. More often it results in groupthink, in promoting the answer the boss or the customer wants rather than the best, safest or most cost-effective answer. I have seen this in operation, and I have seen what it can lead to: no desirable outcome, I assure you.

  • bushrat

    “Apparently among those “men’s rights” they claim to be defending is the right to not be around women except when they want a blowjob or something.”

    Now, now, I’m sure he also wants them around to make him sandwiches and do the laundry and bear his demon spawn children.

  • felidae

    To summarize Mr Elam: to all you semen receptacles, get your ass back home and make sure my dinner is ready and afterwards, be in the bedroom with your legs spread.

  • lorn

    I’ve been on quite a few construction sites and while there may be a few who look at an injury and say “‘That’ll teach his ass” there is also a good chance anyone saying that will get slugged. Serious injuries are never a joke.

    It is also my observation that adding women on a job site usually improves the overall environment and behavior. All-male job sites are often gratuitously sloppy, messy, and crude with people seemingly going out of their way to make everything worse. A few women show up and the guys make at least a minimal effort to get the trash into the trash can, cussing shifts from being the majority of words to just the punctuation, the men make efforts to see that their clothing is washed and at in reasonable repair. After a week, even the guys who originally objected to women on the site are heard to comment about how things are just a little more civilized.

  • “and it results in excellence. In civilization. In the aqueducts being built.

    You know: Wars. Unrestrained “capitalism”. Getting into everyone else’s business. Slavery. Rape. Oppression. Any kind of power trip you can imagine.

  • F [i’m not here, i’m gone] “You know: Wars. Unrestrained “capitalism”. Getting into everyone else’s business. Slavery. Rape. Oppression. Any kind of power trip you can imagine.”

    All of which were going along fine until women got involved.

  • smrnda

    Does this guy actually do any work for a living or does he just rant online?

    Yes, there are no women working in STEM fields getting things done. I’m guessing the entire nation of India is a hoax.

  • smrnda says – afaik he scams his money from AVfM suckers and his girlfriend. He’s a grifter. He claims to have been a counsellor (frightening thought) but he doesn’t do anything remotely resembling work now.

  • John Pieret


    but he doesn’t do anything remotely resembling work now

    Yeah, but he does it excellently only among men.

  • I saw him on the David Packman Show. He seems to be more honest and open when talking with someone like himself.. go figure.

  • Step 1: Create a professional environment that’s either hostile to a particular demographic, or outright bans them.

    Step 2: Achievements are done by people other than that demographic, because they aren’t present.

    Step 3: Cite step 2 as justification for step 1