Oregon Republican Wants to Run Program She Wants Dismantled

Oregon Republican Wants to Run Program She Wants Dismantled November 17, 2014

I hear echoes of all Republicans who railed against the stimulus bill and said it didn’t create any jobs while applying for grants under the bill on the grounds that they would create jobs in their state in this story about an Oregon Senate candidate who ran against Obamacare and now wants to administer that state’s program to implement it.

e losing Republican nominee for a U.S. Senate seat representing Oregon — who ran on a platform of repealing the Affordable Care Act — contacted the governor of the state seeking an appointment to the state agency tasked with implementing the program, according to OregonLive.

Dr. Monica Wehby, who lost in her bid to unseat Sen. Jeff Merkley, contacted Gov. John Kitzhaber on his cell following the election and offered her expertise and interest in health care reform to the newly re-elected Democratic governor

According to multiple sources, Wehby asked about the job opening as director of the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) which administers the ACA — also known as Obamacare — despite running on a platform seeking to dismantle it.

During her campaign, Wehby used the campaign slogan, “Keep Your Doctor. Change Your Senator,” and in 2009 was featured in in a commercial broadcast nationwide warning voters about the plan’s dangers…

“Honestly, I’m looking at all sorts of options. I want to stay involved,” she said, while stressing that healthcare shouldn’t be a partisan issue. Addressing the opening at the OHA, she said, “Clearly that’s where the health care decisions are being made.”

While they’re at it, they should appoint an arsonist to run the fire department.

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  • Jordan Genso

    That’s not much different than individuals who don’t believe in public education being elected to the local school board.

  • eric

    I think she’d have been laughed out of the office even if dismantling ACA wasn’t her platform. Does she really think a Dem Governor is going to hand out such an office not just to a GOPer, but to one who specifically ran against the Dems that election? “Hi. I know I was a key figure in the effort to get you and everyone in your party fired. But now will you hire me?”

  • D. C. Sessions

    “Government can’t do anything right. Put me in charge and I’ll prove it.”

  • raven

    This happens a lot. It’s very old.

    The fox always wants to guard the hen house.

  • John Pieret

    It makes perfect sense … they are against those people getting free stuff (even if they have to pay for it) because it should all go to people like us … who should get paid to give out the stuff those people don’t deserve!

  • scienceavenger

    “Honestly, I’m looking at all sorts of options. I want to stay involved,” she said, while stressing that healthcare shouldn’t be a partisan issue.

    Shades of the schoolyard bully who, when meeting his match and getting his ass kicked, says “there’s no reason to get violent”

  • raven

    She is a Moocher.

    She wants a high paying government job. With good benefits including a good health care insurance plan.

    She just doesn’t want anyone else to have those!!! It’s all very Republican.

  • lorn

    Conservatives are always very concerned with propriety, rules, not crossing or mixing categories, and purity. They also have a heightened sensitivity to perceived contamination and tendency to feel disgust.