Beck Slams ‘Lonely’ People who Question His ‘Illness’

Beck Slams ‘Lonely’ People who Question His ‘Illness’ November 18, 2014

Last week Glenn Beck announced that he had been diagnosed with “adrenal fatigue” by a “chiropractic neurologist” who cured him of a whole range of mysterious symptoms. Many doctors have stepped forward to call bullshit on his story, saying that the symptoms he said he had are not related to adrenal fatigue and that “chiropractic neurology” is pure quackery. On Facebook, he lashed out at those sad and lonely people who doubt his story:

Also, I have read some pretty nasty things about how I am faking my illness. Yep. That’s me. I am making it all up. So incredible. Anyway, I just want you to know that soon, I will not be holding my sweet wife back from answering these posts herself. You don’t want a piece of her, because she is about to give it to you. . Of course, I might just be making her up as well. Maybe I am not even married, I am just saying I am to sell gold rings.

I love it when The Lord gives me the wisdom and peace to just laugh at how people treat us. Even better is when he also couples it with real empathy.

I first laugh and then wonder how dark and lonely their life must be that they really believe that people are that evil that they would actually live this big of a lie over multiple years. Then it hits you. How lonely they must be that they want and need to pick fights just to have someone notice them.

It is sad.

Yeah, it’s terrible when people question the medical claims of others, right Glenn? I mean, like you did with Teresa Heinz Kerry when she was taken to the hospital and Hillary Clinton when she had a blood clot and a concussion:

Yesterday, Teresa Heinz Kerry, wife of Secretary of State John Kerry, was rushed to this hospital after apparently suffering from some sort of seizure … but Glenn Beck isn’t buying it because he just doesn’t trust anything that the government says, which is why he suspects that the entire thing was orchestrated as a distraction from the “huge scandal” that Secretary Kerry was on his boat while a military coup took place in Egypt last week.

While it may be true that Heinz Kerry (or, as Beck called her, “Mrs. Ketchup”) did end up in the hospital, Beck “can’t give you any sympathy now because you’ve lied to us too many times” … just as when former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was hospitalized with a blood clot last year in an effort to cover-up Benghazi.

Though Clinton’s blood clot was tied to a concussion she received after she fainted while suffering from the flu, Beck said “if she really had some weird thing in the hospital, then it should prohibit her from ever becoming president.

“She shouldn’t be President of the United States if she going into the hospital for some sort of heart condition or brain condition or whatever she was in the hospital for,” Beck said, “or was that just a scam so that we didn’t talk about [Benghazi]”?

Obviously, Glenn Beck’s mystery illness is an attempt to distract us from Benghazi. Or from the fact that he repeatedly called an innocent man a terrorist with no evidence whatsoever and is in danger of losing a huge defamation suit as a result. Or from all the other ridiculous lies he’s told over the last few years.

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